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Settings of poems and translations by S N Solomons and E M Solomons

This mini-site is dedicated to my musical settings of poetry and translations by my father Stanley Nicholls Solomons and my mother Elizabeth Mary Solomons

One of the earliest goes back to the mid 1980s, when I wrote a setting in Dorian mode of a poem by Supervielle as translated by my father, the original of which was still subject to copyright, so I asked my mother to write an alternative poem to fit the music, which worked marvellously. It is a poem of regret and consolation in which the lover feels his (or her) beloved is still nearby although he or she is now dead:

The Dawn in the Room page

Other Poems

Original poems by Stanley N Solomons

Translations from Prévert

Translations from Ronsard

Translations from Verlaine

Translation from Eluard (L’Amoureuse - Before my gaze she stands)

Translation from Queneau (Fillette fillette - A latter day Ronsard)

Translation from  Mallarmé (Le vierge, le vivace et le bel aujourd’hui - The Swan)

Translation from Rémi Belleau (Avril - April)

Translation from Victor Hugo (Si mes vers avaient des ailes – My gentle words)

Translation from  Olivier Basselin (A son Nez - Oh gorgeous nose)

Translation from La Fontaine (La cigale et la fourmi - The Grasshopper and the Ant)

Translation from Théophile Gautier (Noel)

Translation from Leconte de Lisle (Les Elfes - The Elves)

Translation from Baudelaire (Invitation au voyage - Invitation to the journey)

Translation from Rodenbach (En Province - Up Country - Still of Morning)

Translation from Verhaeren - Les Horloges - The Clocks

Translation from Gérard d’Houville (Moonlight on Sea (Lune sur Mer))

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