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Recorder with other instruments

Other music involving recorders

If music be the food of love for alto recorder and piano


Trios for recorder, violin and guitar


Jam Fancy for tenor recorder (or crumhorn) and jazz band


Solstice song for voice, alto recorder and guitar


3 Nursery rhymes for treble recorder, voice and guitar

The Elves (after Leconte de Lisle) for voices, alto and tenor recorders, cello and guitar)

Venus (or “Venus has left the building”) for recorder(s) and voice with guitar

Madness of a headmistress (a mock children’s song) (voice, recorder and guitar)

The Venerable Cat (song for alto and guitar with optional recorder part)

The Learnèd Hippopotamus (voice, recorder and guitar)

Breezy Streets (after Bossa Nova variation on La Folia) - recorder, melodica, violin, cello and piano

Doric Victory - cello, descant recorder and guitar

Sleep Wayward thoughts - (after Dowland) with optional added recorder part

Rossignol du Bois Sauvage (recorder, alto and guitar)

Consolation for alto recorder, violin and guitar

Ophelia’s Mad scene

Adon Olam

  (alto recorder, alto (or baritone) voice and guitar)

Davy Davy Knick Knack and Davy Oy Vey Davy

    (various combinations of instruments with guitar)

Mandoline and Colloque Sentimental

    (alto voice, alto recorder, guitar)

Rune of hospitality (The Crofter’s Song)

   (recorder, guitar, piano, cello)

The grasshopper and the ant

    (voice, recorder, guitar)

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