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Come, Sirrah Jack, Ho! (for 3 flutes)

Weepin’ Mary

Thalia’s Rag - live performance including the limericks

O for the Wings of a Dove for flute choir

Variations on Home Sweet Home for wind quartet

Variations on Home Sweet Home for flute quartet

Dal lecto me levava (Pesenti) - Choral version

Sweet and Low (Stanford’s setting) arranged for flute quartet and string quartet

L’incantatrice del Norte (The Enchantress of the North) for 2 flutes and guitar

Variations on The Three Ravens - for flute and strings

He is Close By - flute and piano - performed by Robert Billington and Vindya Khare

Ophelia - for flute, strings and guitar  

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A Toy for piccolo, flute and alto flute

Good Night (buenas noches, gute Nacht, nos da, wan an, buona notte etc) for alto and guitar

Yoga Section from “Moves for Two”

(B flat and Alto clarinets)

La tour de Hölderlin (Hölderlin’s Tower) for 2 altos

To Paint the portrait of a bird (after Jacques Prévert

Wenn ein starker Gewappneter (If a strong armed man guards his palace)

by Johannes Brahms - arranged for brass octet

Ding Dong Merrily on high - a jazzed up version for flute sextet

Messe Miniature de Marie

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