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These three ocarina septets were written for Giorgio Pacchioni and the ocarina septet with whom he played:  "Novecento".  

They are carefully worked out to ensure that the notes are within the range of the seven different ocarinas of a typical ensemble and those ocarinas which “transpose” have their parts ready transposed in the score.  

All three pieces were performed in Midi format in 2000 to accompany a dance sequence by Vada at the Dance House Theatre, Manchester, UK, I have made a video of one of these:

Noel di Gauter

3 Ocarina Septets

The scores, parts and electronic previews can be obtained at:

L’incantatrice del Norte -(The Enchantress of the North)

Noel di Gautier (Gautier’s Noel)

Serenata nella residenza estiva (Serenade in the summer residence)

More pieces for ocarina:

A curio for ocarina and guitar

Malgré Moi - 2 ocarinas and guitar

Malgré Moi - 2 ocarinas and piano

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3 videos created in August 2014

with improved recordings of the ocarina septets

(Playlist on youtube)