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Various Versions of  “Japanese Song”

Original version for guitar solo (score and mp3)     


Versions for:

    Clarinet quartet (score and mp3)

    Flute solo (score and mp3)  

    Flute trio  1 (standard, alto and bass flutes)   (score and mp3)

   Flute trio 2 (2 standard flutes and 1 alto flute)  (score and mp3)

   Flute trio 3 (3 standard flutes)   (score and mp3)

(All flute versions arranged and performed by Nancy Tyler)

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 Video guitar solo


Video flute solo

Video flute trio 1

Video flute trio 2

Video flute trio 3

Japanese Song

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Japanese Song

for flute trio

on itunes

Japanese Song

for flute trio

on Amazon

Japanese song for solo guitar on itunes

Japanese Song

for classical guitar solo

on itunes