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Originals for guitar solo

Arrangements for guitar solo


30 original pieces for classical guitar solo

Tessera Four pieces for solo classical guitar:


    A la Valse                           Video     

    Professor Burble’s First Invention

    Lullaby from distant memories

Spider’s Web                            Video     

Suite in lute tuning                Video     

Theme and Variations

Simple Waltz for guitar              Video     

Sonata in Ripon                            Video     

Souvenir of St Valentine’s Day 1975             Video     

Oxford Days 1975  (8 pieces for classical guitar)

Plappermäulchen (Chatterbox)

Prelude No 2 (1974)                                 Video    




Rag in 7


Rag in 9

Rag on leaving Strasbourg (Strasrag)

Rag contra Punkt

Romance for classical Guitar        Video     

Paddy Asleep                                                Video     

Intercity Intermezzo

Japanese Song (for Seiji Kojima)            Video     


Lullaby (1982)                                                Video     

Matmata De Profundis                                 Video     

8 Easter essays for classical guitar          Video     



A Fond Farewell  (Leaving for America)

Now and Then (a set of sight reading exercises or works for school concerts etc)

Five pieces for classical guitar (complete suite)

   these are also available as separate items,

    as follows:

       Calypso                                 live performance           sample pdf

       Coming out of the Fog                           live performance

       Romance for Pamela                              live performance

       Soliloquy                                               live performance

       Sweet Kate Variations               live performance            sample pdf

25th Birthday rag


Antonelli Rag                                           Video     


A Time suite


A Toy                                                Video


Brigitte                                                       Video     


Blues Rondo   

Canzone per Pesach [guitar piece for Passover]


Chinese canon                                          Video     


Country Dance Variations


Dinner time rag                                         Video     

Dorian Dance                                              Video     


1st Song for Guitar (“Sonatinetta”)             Video     

First Song for guitar (including tablature)                Video

2nd Song for Guitar                                          Video     

3rd Song for Guitar                                          Video     

4th Song for Guitar                                          Video     

5th song for guitar (Japanese Song)          Video     

6th Song for Guitar                                    


7th Song for Guitar                                     

8th song for Guitar (distant storm)         

9th Song for guitar (Sketch in 5)              


Variations on Կաքաւիկ - Kakaviq - Partridge - for guitar solo

14 arrangements for classical guitar solo

4 songs by Jerome Kern arranged for classical guitar                                   Video

Can’t help loving that man by Jerome Kern arranged for guitar                     Video

Smoke gets in your eyes by Jerome Kern arranged for guitar

Long ago and far away by Jerome Kern arranged for guitar                       Video

They’ll never believe me by Jerome Kern arranged for guitar

Dowland’s Lachrimae arranged for guitar

  (Note: the score for this one is only in hand-written form)

Four French Folk Song arrangements for guitar (full set)

     Separate scores:

        Voici la Toussaint


        Sur le bord du petit joli bois

        La vendange

Hebridean Love Lilt

Morning has broken (Bunessan)               Video  

Paddywhack variations                             Video     

Pastime with Good company


Roses of Picardy (Haydn Wood)                              Video     

    (also (incorrectly) called “Roses are blooming in Picardy”)


Variations on Frère Jacques      Video     

Variations on Le Coq est Mort

Variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star                 Live performance

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