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A Folksong Wedding

A Folksong Wedding (version for saxophone quartet)

for saxophone quartet (electronic preview)


Download 1-Deer Me

Download - 2 - Red Rose

Download 3-Cutting of Broom

Download 4-One oh!

Download 5-Wedding

Story behind the piece:

This electronic performance is created using Finale 2004. A live perfomance is awaited with great anticipation.

The quartet is based on 5 British folksongs, one for each movement but all returning to give their final fling at the wedding in movement 5.

The first is "A keeper would a hunting go, and under his coat his carried a bow. . ." in which the accompanying saxes recite the mantra "run away, run away my deer!" as the tune progresses.

The second is a short and sweet arrangement of "My love is like a red red rose", a song often sung by my Dad as he washes the dishes! Funny what inspires you!

The third is based on the "Ballad of green broom", made famous by many composers over the years. The father gets his lazy son up out of bed to cut broom, this is only way he's going to get him out to earn money, and of course to meet girls!

The fourth is based on "Green grow the rushes oh!" and is a re-arrangement of my version for three voices which can be heard here

The fifth is based on Mhairi's wedding [also incorrectly referred to as Mairi's wedding], a lovely and simple melody from the island of Lewis which can (as I discovered today!) accommodate all the other tunes in the wedding fling.

Make your own story up from the whole sequence!


Score of FolkSong Wedding for saxophone quartet

Score of Folksong wedding for clarinet quartet Quartet for 2 clarinets and two bass clarinets based on various folk songs - wedded together (See below for the version for saxophone quartet)

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