Scott’s Flute History
Flautists of the
Royal Italian Opera
R.S.Pratten Royal Opera

Flautists of the Royal Italian Opera


Clinton Flutes


Frederick Griffith


Frederick Griffith Composition


Italian Opera Orchestra 1847


John Clinton


John Clinton Compositions


John Radcliff


John Radcliff Compositions


José Ribas


José Ribas Compositions


Odoardo Tamborini


Odoardo Tamborini Compositions


Oluf Svendsen


Opera Posters 1876


Philharmonic Society 1842


Pratten Flutes


Pratten Review 1860


Pratten Obituary 1868


Radcliff Flutes


Ribas's Improved Flutes


Robert Sidney Pratten


Robert Sidney Pratten Compositions


Siccama Flutes



Succession of Flautists Chart 1847-1892