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Experiments  in sound  and music

Danse de Cleves

Swing Door - based loosely on Green Door ******************** Schubert's The Trout - Die Forelle - mp3 Schubert's Die Forelle - on Toptempo *******************

Hand to Mouth

(improvisation for hand to mouth sounds, guitar and other instruments)

Story behind the piece:

Well, it's just an improvisation... what can I say? I sampled the sound of my hand tapping my open mouth and it went on from there....

The Last Village on Earth Poem by David Andrew Quasi rustic music in 11 time by D W Solomons Lost in microtones an improvisation incorporating  microtones and a sample of my voice  (vintage 1988) Serenade for two harpsichords  Performed on the Soundcanvas   using the “Virtual Pipe Organ”


Experimental composition, created initially as a midi file using a fractal music creation programme, using its "tree" parameters.

Once I had discovered certain DXi programmes, especially the Delay Lama, and soundfonts such as "skat", I reallocated some of the parts to those to create this soundscape which is half fractal and half improvisation, with a hint of a hornpipe. .

Dance of the Washerwomen

[based on the lute piece by Hans Neusidler]

arranged and complemented for various "ethnic" instruments.

Story behind the piece:

Hans Neusiedler [or Neusidler] wrote a lovely dance for lute [or vihuela] called Dance of the Washerwomen - I never quite worked out why he considered that such hard working ladies would dance in this way or, indeed, how they would have the strength to do so after a hard day's washing,

but I leave that to the judgment of those more knowledgeable about such things

 . . .

The piece works nicely anyway! The form is a 4/4 theme followed by a 3/4 hupfauf [hop up] in faster tempo related to the first tune, then it returns to the original theme.

New: Video of the version for flute and guitar

Superlocrian Trio for three harpsichords (the superlocrian mode is the one in which all notes are  flattened (compared with major mode) apart from the tonic. Performed on Papelmedia’s Cembalo soundfont… VIDEO Airhorse (Airhorses and how  they breed -  a fractal thingummyjig)

Palindromic cat processor

A soundscape starring Themba, the vocal one of the family

Palindromic Cat Processor (haunting.mp3)

New: Video of the Palindromic cat processor

Experimental composition, using the old dance tune

Danse de Cleves with added digeridoo.


Originally written with trumpet solo in mind, this version using flute and jazz guitar works much better and is available as score and parts for live performance (with or without live octopus) - on MusicaNeo

Swing Door

Purinjiti - video

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