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The dwsChorale - (a one-man choir)

They comprise works from all centuries from the twelfth to the twenty first: sad, funny, distinctly odd, and sometimes religious. The performances are illustrated by various slide-show videos. In most cases you can follow the words as the pieces progress and also see translations into English where required. Here are the 14 most popular (so far) …

The Recipe - (Shakespeare’s witches in Macbeth)

Alle Psallite cum luya

The Choir in the rain

Io Saturnalia (Roman winter holiday)

Since Robin Hood - (Kemp’s Dance)

Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone

Je languis - Domino - Pucelete

Tourdion - Quand je bois du vin clairet

The Echo song (O la! che buon eco!)

El grillo (the cricket)

Riu Riu Chiu

The 12 days of Christmas - a conductor’s nightmare

Wenn der Pott aber nu ein Loch hat (There’s a hole in my bucket)

Bring us in good ale


Between 1989 and 2009 I sang various works by various composers, and also my own works, as a multitracked one-man choir

The youtube playlist of all dwsChorale performances can be enjoyed here.