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Tria paidia voliotika - Τρία παιδιά Βολιώτικα (Three young men from Volos)         Video

 for alto (or baritone) and guitar                                                                       

Tria paidia voliotika - three young men from Volos have taken our sweet Annoula away up into the high mountains. This song refers to the nomadic race of the Sarakatsani - who are Greek in tradition but have spread across much of Eastern Europe - some say they are the oldest identifiable race in the area.

Τρία παιδιά

Τρία παιδιά Βολιώτικα

Μας κλέψαν την Αννούλα

Αννούλα μας γλυκειά

Μας κλέψαν την Αννούλα


Three young men

Three young men from Volos

Have stolen our Annoula

Our sweet Annoula

They have stolen our Annoula

Sarakatsani girl

Erinaki mou - Ερηνάκι μου (My little Irene) for alto (or baritone) and guitar           Video

Traditional Greek folk song:

The singer asks little Irene why she sits alone and cries while he goes out with the men to drink wine!

Εμένα μου το είπανε

Ερη Ερηνάκι μου

Ανθρώποι μερακλήδες

Μα το θεό

(Ψηλέ λιγνέ μου κρίνε,

Σ' αγαπώ μα τι να πω

Και γιατί δεν μας το λες

Μόνο κάθεσαι και κλαις)

Men  of experience                   ....that wine drinkers

have told me                             lead the greatest life

My little Irene                           By God!

By God! ....

(My tall slender lily

I love you,

What can I say?

Why do you say nothing,

but sit and cry?)

Flow my tears (John Dowland) for alto or baritone and guitar

Song by John Dowland

arranged (with a few divisions) and performed by D W Solomons

Flow my tears fall from your springs,

Exil'd for ever: let me mourn

Where night's black bird her sad infamy sings,

There let me live forlorn.

Down vain lights shine you no more,

No nights are dark enough for those

That in despair their last fortunes deplore,

Light doth but shame disclose.

Never may my woes be relieved,

Since pity is fled,

And tears, and sighs, and groans my weary days

Of all joys have deprived.

From the highest spire of contentment,

My fortune is thrown,

And fear, and grief, and pain for my deserts

Are my hopes since hope is gone.

Hark you shadows that in darkness dwell,

Learn to contemn light,

Happy, happy they that in hell

Feel not the world´s despite.

If music be the food of love (Purcell) for alto and guitar

Words by Colonel Henry Heveningham (1651-1700), using the first few words from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night as a starting point. Henry Purcell made several settings of these words.

This is my D minor arrangement of one of them.

If Music be the food of love

sing on,sing on till

I am fill'd with joy:

For then my list'ning soul you move

to pleasures that can never cloy.

your eyes,your mien, your tongue declare

that you are music ev'ry where

Pleasures invade both eye and ear

so fierce the transports are they wound,

and all my senses feasted are,

tho' yet the treat is only sound.

Sing on, fair nymph, enchant me still;

such charms may wound, they can not kill.

Summertime by George Gershwin arranged for alto and guitar

Arrangement for alto and guitar of this song from the opera Porgy and Bess

Summertime and the livin' is easy

Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high

Oh, your daddy's rich and your ma is good-lookin'

So hush little baby, don't you cry

One of these mornings

You're gonna rise up singing

Yes you'll spread your wings

And you'll take to the sky

But 'til that morning

There ain't nothin' can harm you

With Daddy and Mammy standin' by ….

Stormy Weather by Harold Arlen arranged for alto and guitar

Don't know why

There's no sun up in the sky

Stormy weather

Since my man and I ain't together

Keeps rainin' all the time …..

Es ist ein Ros entsprungen (A great and mighty wonder / Lo how a Rose e’er blooming) with guitar accompaniment for high voice and guitar

Es ist ein Ros entsprungen (A great and mighty wonder / Lo how a Rose e’er blooming) with guitar accompaniment for low voice and guitar

Arrangement for guitar and voice based on the harmonisation by M. Praetorius, also including guitar chord names for convenience.

A great and might wonder,

A full and holy cure …


Arrangements from Schubert’s Gesänge der Harfners (Songs of the harpist)

     Wer sich der Einsamkeit ergibt (Who gives himself to solitude)

          Low voice and guitar

    Wer nie sein Brot mit Tränen ass (Who never ate his bread with tears)

          Low voice and guitar

    An die Türen (I will creep up to the doors)

          Low voice and guitar

    All three Gesänge der Harfners (Songs of the harpist)

            Low voice and guitar


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