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Apolytikion (dismissal hymn for the time of Pentecost)

composed and performed by David W Solomons,

two compositions based on the original Byzantine chant

for SATB

Download mp3 of Apolytikion (polyphonic version)

Download mp3 of Apolytikion (homophonic version)

This composition starts with the original chant and then progresses, in the first version, to a polyphonic interpretation keeping the original rhythms, with harmonies reminiscent of John Taverner. For the final - somewhat more extended - repetition, the measure is kept in 6/4 time and the basses provide a Western style ostinato while the original themes weave in canon above them.

The performance, by the composer here, is transposed down a third.

The homophonic version is derived from the first arrangement but concentrates on modal ideas revolving particularly around raised fourths in the tenor (and alto at the end).

The performance is sung here at pitch (the neighbours did not complain - they have got used to me by now . . . !)


Evloyitos i, Khriste o Theos imon

o pansofus tus aliis anadixas

katapempsas avtis to Pnevma to Ayion

ke dhi avton tin ikumenin sayinevsas


Dhoxa Si


Blessed be you, O Christ our God

Who showed the fishermen to be most wise

you sent the Holy Spirit upon them

and through them you caught the inhabited world in your net

O Lover of Mankind

Glory to you


Polyphonic version - (with transliterated words)

Homophonic version - (with transliterated words)

I should be grateful to know about any performances.

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