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Roy is also the musical director of the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain.

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We are pleased to announce the release of our third CD entitled "Move". The recording features several new pieces and arrangements written especially for Tubalaté.

The opening track is March - FroT by Simon Kerwin. This is not a spelling error but an acronym for Friends of Tubalaté i.e. yourselves. We commissioned Simon earlier this year to compose the march as our way of thanking 'Friends' for their support over the past few years.

The CD also features our most recent commission - Rest and Recreation by Howard Skempton (widely regarded as one of Britain's leading composers).

Tracks also include the beautiful Latvian folksong Aija Zuzu (Lullaby for a bearcub) and the energetic Fugue in G minor by JS Bach. We are also pleased to include two arrangements by our good friend Michael Forbes (St. James Infirmary and Just a Closer Walk).

Move by Matt Davidson was commissioned for Tubalaté by the Vale of Glamorgan Festival and is the title track of our CD. Move received its premiere at the Vale of Glamorgan Festival towards the end of last year, along with Pascal's Victim by Frederick Naftel, which is also featured on the recording.

A name synonymous with the brass band movement is Roy Newsome. Roy has composed The Basics for inclusion on the disc. He is also the producer!

The disc closes with a beautiful treatment of the original plainsong "te lucis ante terminum" in "Prayer before the Close of Day" by David Solomons.

CDs are available for 12.00 (plus 1 p&p). Should you wish to order copies of "Move", "Episodes" and "Light Metal", please send cheques (payable to Tubalaté) to:
Paul Walton
15 Muirfield Close
United Kingdom

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Tubalaté in Education by Ian Anstee

Since our inception in 1991 we have been presenting concerts and workshops across Great Britain and Europe in many different venues, most notably Buckingham Palace, the Waterfront Hall (Belfast) and the National Opera Theatre in Latvia. As part of these major events the group has been asked to present educational projects.

As with any business, Tubalaté can offer three distinct education packages for schools, youth groups and disability organisations. Our most popular product is our "Music in Motion" concert. This was first developed for use in primary schools where the programme was designed to promote the National Curriculum at Keystage levels 1 and 2. The concert is fun, participatory and innovative in its approach to music making. Children learn to conduct, play percussion instruments, understand musical form and learn to react as an audience, as well as listening to loud, soft, fast, slow, short, long, happy and sad music.

The second package is the presentation of workshops based around a given theme. Most recently we were asked to present workshops for St. David's Hall (Cardiff) based upon rhythms. We prepared the ground using one of our commissions, "The Basics" by Roy Newsome. Within his piece Roy has included a movement entitled "Ravenous Rhythms" - the ideal inspiration for such a workshop! These sessions involve simple clapping games based on the children's favourite foods. We chose foods with varying numbers of syllables. Each class was divided into four groups, each chanting a different word or phrase, layering different rhythms on top of each other. This work is easily developed using percussion instruments and graphic scores.

The third area of our work relates more directly to the ensemble. Creating the music of today for Tubalaté with composers is of paramount importance to an ensemble such as ours. Tuba quartets are a relatively recent development in the low brass field and early repertoire has been geared towards the lighter side, more gimmicky aspect of the tuba. We, as Tubalaté, are at the forefront of new music in Britain. Our constant desire to develop the repertoire has brought us in contact with many compositional bodies. We recently completed a project with the Society for the Promotion of New Music (SPNM), to encourage young composers to write music for Tubalaté.

We provide an information pack, explaining the capabilities of the modern-day euphonium and tuba player. We make a preparatory visit to demonstrate the sound world of the tuba quartet and to give basic compositional ideas and structures for their works. After a few weeks have elapsed we return to the school/college to help out with any difficulties which may have arisen.
Finally, the whole project draws to a conclusion with a performance of the pieces and a discussion about each piece. These projects have proved very successful with GCSE and post-GSCE students.

Tubalaté can design and produce workshops and concerts to suit the needs of the individual. If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Should you wish to contact us you can write to us at :
15 Muirfield Close

email us at: tubalate@hotmail.com

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