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Ein Strauss aus der Frühlingszeit

Ein Strauss aus der Frühlingszeit

(= "a bunch of flowers from springtime")

- duet for violin and guitar, written for the violinist Thierry Mathis during my year in Strasbourg (1976-7)

It was performed during the following year whilst I was teaching at Oakham, with the violin part magnificently sight read by Peter Weight.

Peter taught English at Oakham School until very recently and he was a marvellous person to know.

We shall all miss him greatly.

Score from MusicaNeo

The movements (as downloadable mp3s) are:


Die lockige Narzisse (The curly headed Narcissus)

Les fleurs langoureuses and La fleur aux abeilles (The langourous flowers and the flower with bees)

Ring of Roses

Ein Strauss aus der Frühlingszeit - video

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