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Originals                                 Arrangements


Solstice Song                                      Video       

(flute, alto voice, alto recorder, harp)

Ta  Maman                                                                                           Video     (poem by Paul Maertens)

  (alto, cello and guitar)

The Birding Song (from Wildlife in the Nursery)                                Video       (voice, flute, piano and optional bird songs)

The Elephant (from Wildlife in the Nursery)                                        Video       (alto or baritone voice and various instruments and optional elephant calls)

The Grasshopper and the ant                                                             Video       (flute, alto voice, guitar)

The Grasshopper and the ant                                                             Video       (alto recorder, alto voice, guitar)

The Grasshopper and the ant                                                             Video       (clarinet, alto voice, guitar)

The learnèd hippopotamus                                                                 Video     

   (voice (alto or tenor), recorder and guitar)


The quiet way you move me                                         

  (alto, chorus and guitar)

The Stripper                                                                                   Video     

(based on “Their aid I thus disclaim” from Gilbert and Sullivan’s Princess Ida)

  (alto, piano and excitable chorus)

Upon my bed by night                                                                    Video     

  (alto and baritone solos with SATB chorus and guitar)

The Venerable Cat                                                                         Video     

   (alto voice, guitar and optional additional instrument)

Ophelia’s Mad scene                                                           Video     

  (alto, guitar, alto recorder, great bass recorder, bassoon and contrabassoon)


   (alto voice and bandoneon)  

Rose (after a poem by Iskan Acikca)                       

  (alto (or bass), strings)

  (tenor (or soprano), strings)

  (tenor (or soprano), piano)

Rupert the chocolate angel - various versions in English      Video     

    (voice(s) and piano or guitar)


Rupert l’ange au chocolat - various versions in French

    (voice(s) and piano or guitar)

Ruprecht der Schoko-Engel - various version in German

    (voice(s) and piano or guitar)

Saturnalia Song                                                            Video    

(voices, percussion, wind, brass)

Little Bo Peep (vocal version)                  Video     

    (voice, flute and piano)

Madness of a headmistress                    Video     

(a mock children’s song poem by Gavin Ewart)

   (alto, recorder, guitar)

My Gentle Words                                     Video     

  (soprano, flute, piano)

Better not cry                                   Video

   (spoken voice, flute, cello)

Dawn in the Room (with strings)                       Video     

  (alto (or baritone), string orchestra)

Dreaming                                                             Video     

  (narrated poem, guitar and orchestra)

The centipede - Le Mille-Pattes

    (mezzo soprano and bassoon)

The Elves (after Leconte de Lisle)                  Video     

  (alto/baritone solos, A/T chorus, A/T recorders, guitar, cello(s))

En Province (Georges Rodenbach / S N Solomons)    Video     

  (alto solo, guitar and optional bass instrument and bells)

Les Eléphants (The Elephants)                               Video     

(poem by Leconte de Lisle)

  (spoken voice (or choir or solo voice), clarinet, flute and string quartet)

Letter to Lydia (modernised version)

  (soprano, electric guitar, keyboard and bass)

Letter to Lydia (original version)

  (alto, flute, classical guitar, cello)


Al Hanisim

  (alto voice, clarinet, strings and optional percussion)

Amol iz geven a Mayse                                       Video     

  (solo voice - soprano/treble or tenor - with two violins)

Amol iz geven a Mayse

  (solo voice - soprano/treble or tenor - with two violins - simplified version)

Barbara Allen (alto or baritone and orchestra)                     

Cradle Song for mezzo-soprano and string trio


Cradle Song for alto voice and string trio

Three Nursery rhyme arrangements                    Video     

  (alto voice,  recorder and guitar)

Sleep wayward thoughts (after John Dowland)

  (alto voice, guitar, with optional added alto recorder part)

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