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ZALO /  JP-Publications

"Celebration" for Native American flute and strings is now available from ZALO / JP-Publications

 - contact details here

ZALO / JP-Publications is run by the flautist James Pellerite, who now specialises in the North American Native Flute.

On the basis of a call for scores under a project of the Delian Society I wrote Celebration - for Native American Flute and strings. The electronic preview can be heard here, or in the video shown below

A live recording is awaited...

Meanwhile if other Native American Flute players would like to perform the piece, please contact James for the score and parts


A new pieces for Native American flute:

“Dream On” (with viola, cello and guitar,)

“A wordless day” (with violin, viola and cello)

“Double glazing “ (with men’s voices)

are now also available from ZALO.

For details please contact James Pellerite

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