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One-man performance  of Vivaldi’s Gloria

Vivaldi project


This ongoing project to record some of the movements from the famous Gloria and, eventually, other works by Antonio Vivaldi, using just my voice (multitracking) accompanied by string and wind instruments from the Synful software, was inspired by a visit to the Choral Public Domain Library and the discovery of a fine edition of Vivaldi's Gloria by Helmut Kickton, to whom much thanks.   

In order to be able to sing the alto solos I kept everything in the original key and therefore had to tweak the soprano parts , so please excuse the slight “Pinky and Perky” effect on the top line!

I hope you will enjoy these mp3s.

Gloria (1st mvt)


Et in terra pax (2nd mvt)


Gratias and Propter magnam gloriam Tuam (4th and 5th mvts)


Domine fili unigenite (7th mvt)


Domine Deus (8th mvt)

Note: The obbligato, played here on a flute, was written by Helmut Kickton as an organ part. It works nicely on flute too . . .

This movement for alto solo with choir is my favourite from the Gloria.


Qui Sedes (10th mvt)


Quoniam tu solus and Cum Sancto Spiritu (11th and 12th mvts)