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Videos  on Vimeo

Works sung by Matthew Curtis (Choraltracks)

Heaven's Dance for 3 part choir and piano                                             

Ballad of Green Broom for high voices                                              

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Canticula Ursae Minoris - Songs of a little bear)                            

Ding Dong Merrily on High a new version                                            

The Bell Ringing - a Devon folk song arranged for choir                                           

Modal Mass for SATB choir                                               

The Earwig Song from Balduin Bählamm by Wilhelm Busch                                             

Der Ohrwurmgesang aus Balduin Bählamm von Wilhelm Busch                                     

Psalm 70 for mixed choir                                               

Hiawatha and his mittens for four equal voices


The message of Christmas

Green grow the rushes oh!

Der Klonschafgesang (Parodie von Im Märzen der Bauer)

The cloned sheep song (parody of In Springtime the farmer)

Works performed by the Composer’s Choir

Moonlight on Sea

The Park on Sunday

Sing a new song to the Lord (Psalm 98)

In the summer time

Summer time rag (cello and guitar)

Panis Angelicus

It was a lover and his lass (a modern madrigal)

Alleyways (a Christmas song)

Works performed by Budapest Scoring

Psalm 23 (Der Herr ist mein Hirte) (The Lord is my Shepherd)

Upon my bed by night (alto and baritone soloists with choir and guitar)

My Lord Willoughby’s Welcome Home for wind, brass and timpani

Suite for Guitar and Orchestra - live recording

Mass for choir and orchestra

Ite missa est

Manchester Magnificat (choir and orchestra)

Manchester Magnificat (choir, piano and organ)

Dawn in the Room (Betti Nagy (alto) and Budapest strings)

Dawn in the Room (Laszlo Demeter (flute) and Budapest strings)

The Pipes are calling for saxophone and orchestra

The Pipes are calling for cor anglais and orchestra

The Pipes are calling for bassoon and orchestra

National Anthem of Rheinbergen choir (harmonised) with orchestra

National Anthem of Rheinbergen choir (unison) with orchestra

National Anthem of Rheinbergen choir a cappella (harmonised)

National Anthem of Rheinbergen choir a cappella (unison)

National Anthem of Rheinbergen karaoke

National Anthem of Rheinbergen baritone and orchestra

National Anthem of Rheinbergen baritone and orchestra followed by karaoke

1993 alto and guitar recording session

The finding of St Anthony for alto and guitar                                        

Summer is i cumen in loude sing tishoo (Sneezing song)                  

Romance for Lissie alto and guitar  (vocalise for alto and guitar)                 

Messe miniature de Marie alto and guitar                                        

Greek Wassail for alto and guitar       

The Quiet Way You Move Me for alto and guitar                   

Beetle's wings alto and guitar                                         

The Mending of Fuses for alto and guitar                               

Lookin just lookin at the personal ads         

Asexual Blues (1992)

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Albums on Vimeo

Matthew Curtis performs my music

Budapest Scoring performs my music

Conductor's Choir performs my music

My Camcorder recordings alto and guitar

Early Choral Music performed by dwsChorale

High Quality Videos of my music and performances now available on Vimeo:

Matthew Curtis   Composer’s Choir    Budapest Scoring

Alto and guitar 1993 recordings    Other Works

Other Works

Cancan for wind quintet featuring the Loughborough Sock Man

Spanish Extravaganza

Elégie de Marie

A la Valse for flute quartet

Chinese New Year - 2017 Year of the Rooster - flute quartet

Railway Song for saxophone quartet

Old time music hall sing alongs

The 12 days of Christmas - a conductor’s nightmare

The quiet way you move me

Beetle's wings

The Witches Recipe

A sequence for Alun's Poetry

While shepherds watched their flocks

Painted Windows in Haworth (to the music of “Lazy guitars”)

El Grillo (Josquin des Prez)

Three little maids from school (Gilbert and Sullivan)

If ye love me (Thomas Tallis)

Thou visitest the Earth (Maurice Greene)

Sweet Suffolk Owl (Thomas Vautour)

Mitherpot (or Whiner) for flute and piano