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Works by 20th and  21st century  composers

Music by 20th and 21st Century composers

performed by David W Solomons [dwsChorale]

Behringer (Reinhold)

Im Märzen der Bauer

Chris Benson

Summertime Rag

Caicedo (Carlos)

(Poema: video)

Carter (Andrew)

Dashing away with a smoothing iron (video slideshow)

Cooman (Carson)


Cruise-Johnston (Alan)



Emmet (Andrew)

By the light of the Silvery moon (arr)

Safe in the power of Love (arr from a song by Melanie Dolinski)

The Goddess is Dancing* (arr)

The lights grow dim** (arr)

* Composed by Rick Fenn

** Composed by Rick Fenn and Peter Howarth

Escovado (Robin)

Visitation of the BVM

In the silence of that night

Friendly (Ray)

Prelude to Silence (23rd Psalm)

Frost (Anthony)

Street Scene

(Video of Street Scene)

Gaskell (Martin)


Noel Goemanne

Arrangement of Pachelbel’s Canon

Gold (Edward)



Fantasia on the Willow Song

The Ghostly Friars - a glee

Hughes (Bernard)

Sanctus and Agnus Dei

Kupferman (Meyer)

Diaries of a Tarot Player

McHale (Richard)

Though Philomela (shewoop de wop version)

(Version with the original madrigal and the shewoop de wop side by side)

Moreira (Jorge)

Video of Um Olhar on YouTube

Owen (Hal)


The fellow named Hatch

The girl in the choir

Fuguing by doing

Price (Julia)

Lorelei (poem by Sylvia Price) (video)

Roberts (Mike)

Song Cycle - poems of John McCrae

Featuring: In Flanders Field, Isandlwana,  Slumber Song, The Song of Derelict,

The Night cometh, The Unconquered Dead

Saunderson (Duncan)

Various religious settings based on part songs and glees

Scott (Stuart)

Carol in thanks

Signorile (James)

I saw a light

Sveglini (William C)

Feel the love of the Lord


A Child's eyes

Feel the love of the Lord

O holy night

Swelk (Lorin Nelson)

The 12 spams of Christmas

Wanke (Otto)

The Angel Gabriel (arr.)

Treasure (Joanna)

Early, bright, transient . . .

Joe Wiedemann (words by D W Solomons)

Distant Heart

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