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On a jab  (a transsexual poem)

 On a Jab

Here we are again, Dawn,

My companion in complexity;

The month is past and you, poor pawn,

Must once more face perplexity.

Ouch!And in the fleshy thigh

The viscous hormone takes its space;

And you, my Dawn, will by and by

Slow down - and lose the human race.

You it was who like to see

The lovely girls in tram and bus;

I am he, with fancy free,

Who'll bring "God's wrath" on both of us.

For, as the hormone courses through

Our common arteries and veins,

There will be less and less of you

And what you lose my lover gains.

It's dusk for Dawn, who one day thought

She'd win and make our body hers,

And dawn for me, since science brought me

Monthly maleness, jabbed by nurse!

© David W Solomons 1979

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