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This is Nova's own special page

Nova died this morning, 18 August 2002, after a brief struggle with a particularly virulent strain of cancer.
What to say about this creature who was my companion for nine years?
She was beautiful and friendly, and always greeted me and all my friends with delight.
She had a purr which could be heard a room away!
She had her problems, as do all cats, but I wouldn't have chosen any other to spend my 40s with.
I am grateful to her; she kept my stress levels to a reasonable level (most of the time!), and she didn't complain when I sang my top e-s and f-s in the confined space of my flat.
During her last morning, today, as she lay on my bed for me to fondle her with one hand, my other hand was busy composing a short piece of music in her honour.I chose the medium of the Celtic harp; it seemed appropriate somehow.

Here is my harp music page, which includes the piece, simply called "Nova".

This page will remain indefinitely on this site in Nova's honour.
Hail and farewell, sister creature.

Nova my cat - by S.N Solomons

We are the stuff of stars
and of their rage,
the stuff of novae
and of supernovae.

But with the recipe
slightly rearranged
with added spices
of complexity.

We are the stuff of time
and of contorted space,
energy twisted into thought,
and Möbius strips of dreams.

We are both Yang and Ying.
ripped, it would seem,
untimely from the void,
but longing for each other

We are the stuff of time
spasms of meaning,
matter to mind

We are the stuff of stars
seeking nostalgia
amid the black peace
of nothingness.

We came from darkness,
maybe we shall expand
not with a Whimper
but a Big Bang.

Back into novae
animals and man,
not forgetting me,
of course.

And my cat Nova.

purr buttonfirst purr

Action shots with a feather:

Nova kisses Fairclough
Nova kisses Fairclough

Nova learns some slang
Nova learns some slang

purr buttonsecond purr

A favourite position
A favourite position

purr buttonthird purr

A few tricks and views

at Dal
A cuddle at Dal's computer shop

Nova on Mars
Visiting her Martian cousin

Where've you been and where's my dindins?

Dreams of our Nova

sleepy Nova
Time to go to sleep again