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New Videos 2011-2016

New Videos

High definition videos on Vimeo

High Definition videos on itunes

New videos on youtube:

Lord, let me know mine end for flute octet or flute choir

At the round Earth’s imagined corners - arranged for wind septet

Prayer to the Virgin for 2 flutes and piano

Ländler for wind trio and guitar

Delphine for flute trio

There is an old belief for flute sextet or flute choir

Ave Maria (by Anton Bruckner) for flute choir

Never weather-beaten sail (by Campion) for guitar solo

Never weather-beaten sail (by Parry) for flute quintet

Be not afear’d - Caliban’s speech from Shakespeare’s The Tempest - for alto and guitar

Fragments des Fragments du Narcisse (poem by Paul Valéry)

My soul there is a country for flute quartet

Ob-la-di Ob-la-da for flute and piccolo sextet or flute and piccolo choir

Psalm 23 (Der Herr ist mein Hirte / The Lord is my shepherd)

Details for clarinet quintet

Stormy Weather for flute sextet or flute choir

Imagine (after John Lennon) for flute choir

Variations on Kelvingrove for clarinet quartet

Variations on O for a thousand tongues to sing (flute quartet)

Variations on Just as I am (flute quartet)

Quick! We have but a second for flute quartet (live performance)

Quick! We have but a second for 4 flutes

Gloria from Tye’s Westron Wynde Mass (Elizabethan Singers 1985)

And she shall walk in silk attire for flute trio

Strasbourg Rag for 2 clarinets

Maria wallt zum Heiligtum (When Mary to the temple went) for flute sextet

Bobby Shaftoe for alto clarinet and piano

Some silly songs for alto and guitar

Spem in Alium for orchestra

Upon my bed by night performed by Budapest Scoring

Cancan for wind quintet - featuring the Loughborough Sock Man

Ringtones featuring computer game themes

Ringtones featuring classical instrumental themes

Ringtones featuring vocal and choral themes

My Lord Willoughby’s Welcome Home for wind, brass and timpani

It’s time to leave the beach (alto/2 altos and guitar)

Pharaoh’s Song to the sun (flute, oboe, bassoon, harp, cello)

My beloved is mine (alto and guitar)

Mitherpot (or Whiner) for flute and piano

Moonlight on Sea (women’s choir and guitar)

Duetto della Natività (clarinet and guitar)

The Feast of Lights (2 flutes and piano)

Asexual Blues

The message of Christmas

A la Valse for flute quartet

Belle of Belfast city for 2 clarinets and guitar

Chinese New Year 2017 Year of the Rooster (flute quartet)

Here we come a-wassailing for flute trio

Der Klonschafgesang (Parodie von Im Märzen der Bauer)

The cloned sheep song (parody of In Springtime the farmer)

Youtube playlist of all versions of the National Anthem of Rheinbergen (Nationalhymne von Rheinbergen)

Manchester Magnificat (version with piano and organ)

Mad about the boy (schoolgirl section) by Noel Coward

Peacefully Floating (2 flutes and guitar)

Rooftops for 2 flutes

A Manchester Magnificat (choir and organ)

Tout de Suite (or Toot Sweet) for piccolo, flute and alto flute

Parakeet and stick with Il est bel et bon for flute quartet

Klezomaticus for flute solo

Planet for 2 flutes and guitar

Gaudete for flute trio

In dir ist Freude (In Thee is Gladness) flute quintet

Jellicle Clarinets (Clarinet quartet)

Strasbourg Rag (flute and alto flute)

Mirando al Jardin (flute, cello, guitar)

Hear my prayer (Purcell)

Bunny Rabbits (for my grandmother)

Oboe (by Hal Owen)

Dawn in the Room String Quintet karaoke version for voice

Dawn in the Room String Quintet karaoke version for flute

Dawn in the Room performance with Score with contralto and Strings

Dawn in the Room performance with Score with alto (me!) and string quintet

Dawn in the Room performance with Score with flute and Strings

Dawn in the Room with contralto Video of recording session

Dawn in the Room with flute Video of recording session

Smoke gets in your eyes (for guitar solo)

Oyfn Yam (alto and guitar)

Klezmer del Mar (flute, cello and guitar)

Ale Vasserlech (mezzo-soprano, flute, cello and guitar)

Ikh bin e meidel in de joren (mezzo-soprano, flute, cello and guitar)

Amol iz geven a Mayse (alto and guitar)

Amol iz geven a Mayse (mezzo-soprano, flute, cello and guitar)

Oyfn Yam (mezzo-soprano, flute, cello and guitar)

Suite for guitar and orchestra

Christmas Song for clarinet and guitar

Mass for choir and orchestra (with Ite Missa Est orchestral finale)

Railway Song for saxophone quartet

Variations on To the Maypole Haste Away for alto flute and guitar (Robert Billington and Rene Gonzalez)

Sagesse for flute and guitar (Robert Billington and Rene Gonzalez)

Kichijiro for cello and guitar

Heaven’s Dance for flute trio and piano

Paddy Asleep (guitar solo)

Alleyways for brass choir

Ich danke dem Herrn (flute and guitar)

Chinese New Year Celebration for flute quartet       Video

Suite for Guitar and Orchestra live performance - youtube playlist

Elégie de Marie

    (alto, guitar)

An Amble round Mercury - performed by Manchester Recorder Orchestra in February 2015

Landscape before sunrise - performed by Manchester Recorder Orchestra in February 2015

Im Märzen der Bauer (flute, alto flute, piano)

Im Märzen der Bauer (flute, cello, guitar)

The Storm for woodwind quartet (after Roland Rogers)

Dorian Serenade for wind quartet

To Cassandra (Darling come see the rose so red) for spoken voice and bassoon

A Cassandre (Mignonne allons voir si la rose) for spoken voice and bassoon

Variation on La Folia for Guitar quartet

In einen Harung (The Herring Song) Choral rehearsal

Suite for guitar and orchestra (electronic version) with scenes from Loughborough

The toothache - for flute trio

Songs of a little Bear (for flute sextet)

Alcohol (for four equal voices)

The bell ringing (brass sextet)

     (2 trumpets, horn, 2 trombones, tuba)

When Laura Smiles

    (flute, guitar)

Mysterious moment

    (alto flute, violin, viola, cello)

Wer sich der Einsamkeit ergibt

   (clarinet, guitar)

An die Türen

   (cor anglais, piano)

Wer nie sein Brot mit Tränen ass

   (alto flute, piano)

Mysterious moment (new version)

     (oboe, violin, viola, cello)

Les Cloches (Debussy) for flute solo and flute choir

      Video Playlist for Folk Contra Punkt (28 videos)

                                    (flutes, guitar, cello)

The 12 days of Christmas  - a conductor’s nightmare (improved video)

Pachebel’s Canon - choral arrangement by Noel Goemanne

Bring us in Good Ale (Saxophone quartet version)

Eriskay Love Lilt (clarinet trio)

Süsser die Glocken nie klingen

      Choral version

       Wind quartet version

Carillon Regardless  (a suite for Carillon)

   Bell Dance                       Video

   Sunday in the Park           Video

   Passacaglia                      Video

   All three movements together

Bell Dance Variations for flute and guitar

Polymodal Third movement of the Octatonic String Quartet

Dorina for organ  (from the CD)

The Bishop is forced to dance - for organ (from the CD)

Playtime - for organ (from the CD)

Early evening in Camden Town for organ (from the CD)

Passacaglia for organ (from the CD)

Our Father (Dorian Mode)

It was a lover and his lass (mixed voices) (Composer’s Choir)

Panis Angelicus  (Composer’s Choir)

Summertime Rag  (Composer’s Choir)

In the Summertime (Composer’s Choir)

Freilach for flute trio

The Park on Sunday (for wind quintet)

     (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon)

Our Father which art in Heaven

   (choral and also various instrumental quartet versions)

The quiet way you move me

   (soprano and guitar)

Lissie gets animated on her trampoline

Cotoneaster with bumblebees

   (flute and guitar)

New Troubadour Blues

   (clarinet and guitar)

A Springtime Jaunt

   (flute and guitar)

Japanese Snapshots

    (flute and guitar)

Sequence for Alun’s poetry

   (soprano, alto, guitar, spoken voice)

Paddywhack Variations

   (saxophone quintet (sop, 2 alt, ten, bar)

Beati Quorum Via (Stanford)

   (flute sextet or flute choir)

The River of Rheinbergen

     (flute choir and harp)

Ariette Oubliée (instrumental version)

Il est bel et bon (Passereau)

Alleyways (A Christmas Song) - new performance by the Composer’s Choir

   (SATBB with splits)

Absolution and exultation

  (wind nonet: 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, bassoon, 2 horns)

The Grass is growing in the field of ash

    (flute, oboe, piano - performance by Lisa Hedley and friends)

The River

   (flute choir and harp)

Letter to a distant lover (flute, strings and guitars

    (flute, violin, cello and 2 guitars)

Es es es und es canon with puppies

   (2 flutes)

Josie’s Christmas Song

   (Unison choir or solo voice with piano)

        Video playlist for the Sweet 4 Chamber Orchestra    

       Video of Meinau Rag

     (woodwind and strings)                                                         

       Video of An Amble round Mercury

    (woodwind and strings)                                                                

      Video of pretty how town

    (woodwind and strings)

     Video of Landscape before sunrise   

    (woodwind and strings)

       Video of Little Laser Lady

    (woodwind and strings)

Cats love stilton cheese (with “A la japonaise” for flute and alto flute)

The Scottish Banana (vocal version)

The grass is growing (2 flutes and guitar)

No, Time, thou shalt not boast (string quartet)

Ostinato 12 (string quartet)

Chinese new Year of the Goat (string quartet)

German and Alsacien folk songs for string trio (Hans Dampf in allen Possen)

German and Alsacien folk songs for brass trio (Hans Dampf in allen Possen)

Japanese Song (flute trio - performed by FluteView)

Crocodile Waltz (flute, cello and guitar)

The frostbound wood (live performance by the Composer’s Choir)

Sing a new song to the Lord (live performance - choir and organ)

Ding Dong merrily on high (brass sextet)

Greek Wassail (alto and guitar)

Friends from childhood (flute viola and harp)

Not time to get up yet (string quartet)

Jellicle Catgut (string quartet)

Variations on Ke Arona (string quartet)

For he’s a jolly good fellow (brass quartet)

Twinkle Pluto, planet no more (string quartet)

La Folia Variations for string quartet

Waiting in Woomera (from the Approaching Reality CD)

The Ash Grove for 2 flutes and guitar

Better not cry - spoken voice with flute and cello

Approaching reality (playlist of videos based on my new CD - tracks created by Ravel Virtual Studios)

Passacaglia for organ

Dorina for organ

Camden Town for organ

Playtime for organ

Part of the Old time Music Hall show in 1996 in Fallowfield

10 new High Definition videos (playlist)

Ocarina septets (playlist)

When David heard that Absolom was slain (Thomas Tompkins)

On the King’s coming home (John Blow)

Well rung Tom Boy

Upon Christ Church Bells in Oxford

As torrents in summer (Edward Elgar)

Bonjour mon coeur (Orlando di Lasso)

J’attends secours (Claudin de Sermisy)

Breathe soft, ye winds (William Paxton)

Come let’s rejoice (John Amner)

Verlaine on absinthe - La Fée Verte - bassoon and strings

Sweet Suffolk Owl (Thomas Vautour)

Painted 19th century windows at Haworth Youth Hostel, with gentle and lazy guitar quartet impro

While shepherds watched their flocks - in various melodies  (choir and piano)

Beetles’ Wings (alto and guitar)

The Witches’ Recipe (three altos and guitar)

El Grillo (The Cricket) (Josquin des Prez)

Last picnic at Blue Lake

  (flute and guitar)

Variations on Polly Wolly Doodle

     (flute, guitar)

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