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Musik Fabrik

Musik Fabrik (Editions de la Fabrique Musique), run by Paul Wehage, have published a large number of my works, which can be obtained direct from their site or from various online distributors as indicated in the various links on this site.

Recent published works have included , Folksong Wedding for saxophone quartet or clarinet quartet, Ballade for clarinet and guitar, various songs for alto and guitar in collaboration with Alessandro Balsimini, and horn solos written for Delphine Gauthier-Guiche.

MP3s and scores of compositions published by Musik Fabrik  and performed live

Links to scores of my works published by Musik Fabrik

(Links open new tabs)

25th Birthday Rag for guitar solo for solo guitar (MFDWS074)

A Tango Already! for Violin, Electric guitar, Bandoneon, Piano and Doublebass. (mfdws057)

Air Apparent for Alto Recorder and String Quartet. (Mfdws025)

Al Hanisim (Channukah celebration)

 for clarinet, alto saxophone and piano (MFDWS071TR)

Al Hanisim (Channukah celebration)

 for clarinet, cello, violin, and piano (MFDWS071)

Après Paul for Recorder Quartet (SATB)


Australian Folksong Variations for Cello and Guitar. (Mfdws029)

Ballade (clarinet and guitar)

Bashoniana (violin and bassoon)

Blues Rondo for Solo guitar. (mfdws037)

Calypso for harp. (mfdws012)

Calypso for Solo guitar. (mfdws012a)

Cat's Cradle for 22 String Celtic Harp. (mfdws014d)

Cat's Cradle for 24 String Celtic Harp. (mfdws014e)

Cat's Cradle for 36 String Celtic Harp. (mfdws014f)

Collection of 5 works for guitar for Solo guitar. (mfdws044)

Collidoscope Gavotte for Bb Clarinet and Piano. (mfdws052)

Coming out of the Fog for Solo guitar. (Mfdws043)

Danza (trombone trio - 2 tenor trombones and one bass trombone)

Danza for string orchestra

Duet in C for 2 Guitars. (mfdws036)

El Gecko for Oboe and Guitar. (mfdws061)

Five times table for clarinet quartet (MFDWS073)

Folksong Wedding - for Saxophone Quartet (SATB)


Folksong Wedding - for Clarinet Quartet (2 B-flat clarinets and 2 bass clarinets)


Folksong Sonatina for Cello and Guitar. (mfdws027)

Good Tempered Guitars for Guitar Duo. (Mfdws042)

Haikus by Matsuo Basho (clarinet and guitar)

Haikus by Matsuo Basho (alto voice and guitar)

Henry's Tune for Saxophone Quartet (SATB)


Höchstverwickeltes Präludium for organ. (mfdws015)

Honey Flowers for 2 Guitars. (mfdws021)

Intercity Intermezzo for Solo guitar. (mfdws031)

Intrada for 2 recorders and harp. (mfdws051)

Island Lament for Oboe (or Flute)

 and guitar. (mfdws048)

Jam Fancy for Alto Crumhorn, Piano, Bass and Drums. (mfdws053ac)

Jam Fancy for Oboe or Shawm, Piano, Bass and Drums. (mfdws053o)

Jam Fancy for Tenor Crumhorn, Piano, Bass and Drums. (mfdws053tc)

Jam Fancy for Tenor Recorder, Piano, Bass and Drums. (mfdws053r)

Klezhorn for solo horn (MFDWS076)

Les Sandales for Flute Sextet (Piccolo, 4 Flutes in C and Alto Flute in G)


Les Sandales for Recorder Sextet (DDAATB)


Les Sandales for flute and guitar

Melissanthi Songs for Alto and Guitar. (mfdws021v)

My Gentle Words for Alto voice and Guitar. (mfdws022ag)

My Gentle Words for soprano voice, flute and Piano. (mfdws022)

My Quiddity for Organ. (mfdws016)

Ne Reihe Stüecke üssm Elsass (variations on folk songs from Alsace) for Cello and Guitar. (mfdws028)

Nocturne "The Imagined Conversation" for Counter Tenor or Mezzo Voice and piano. (mfdws004v)

Nocturne for Alto Saxophone and Piano. (mfdws004as)

Nocturne for Bb Saxophone and piano. (mfdws004b)

Nocturne for Clarinet in Bb and piano. (mfdws004)

Nocturne for Flute and piano. (mfdws004f)

Not Quite French Suite for Organ. (mfdws017)

Octatonic Rag for Piano Solo. (mfdws001pn)

Octatonic Rag for Saxophone Quartet (SATB)


Otto Ottimo for solo horn (MFDWS077)

Oxford Days for solo guitar (MFDWS072)

 (movements include Gethsemane, Innocence Asleep, Hyde park Rag, Fantasia from the other bank,

 Quelques Minutes Espagnoles, Dorian Serendipity, Princess's tune and Sketch in Blue)

Pale Blue for Organ. (mfdws018)

Pastime with Good Company for Guitar. (mfdws064)

Pensieri su Klizemer  (thoughts on Klezmer) for Solo Alto Saxophone. (mfdws056sx)

Pensieri su Klizemer (thoughts on Klezmer) for Solo Clarinet. (Mfdws056cl)

Pensieri su Klizemer (thoughts on Klezmer) for Solo Flute. (mfdws056fl)

Petticoat Lane ===============================================================>>>>>

Pieces of Eight for tuba quartet (2 Euphoniums and 2 Tubas) (mfdws058)

  movements entitled: Catch that Bee, Octatonic Rag, Henry's Tune  and Relax a bit)

Plappermäulchen (Chatterbox) for Guitar. (mfdws011g)

Plappermäulchen (Chatterbox) for harp. (mfdws011h)

Prelude and Fantasy for Flute Sextet (Piccolo, 4 Flutes in C and Alto Flute in G)


Prelude and Fantasy for Recorder Sextet (DDAATB)


Prelude no. 2 "1974" for Solo guitar. (mfdws033)

Professor Burble's 3rd invention for 2 Saxophones. (mfdws003a)

Professor Burble's 3rd invention for Oboe and Clarinet in Eb. (mfdws003)

Psalm 150 Score for SATB choir, 2 organs, violin, viola, clarinet, Timpani, 1 percussion and strings. (mfdws054ss)

Rag in Seven for Guitar solo. (mfdws046g)

Rag in Seven for Organ. (mfdws046or)

Romance for Pamela for Solo guitar. (mfdws041)

Rose Fantasia for Baritone or Alto Saxophone with String Quartet. (mfdws002b)

Rose Fantasia for Baritone Saxophone and Piano. (mfdws002d)

Rose Fantasia for Bass Saxophone and Piano. (mfdws002c)

Rose Fantasia for Bass Saxophone or Bass Clarinet and string quartet. (mfdws002a)

Sagesse for Flute and Guitar. (Mfdws023b)

Sagesse for Flute and Harp

Sagesse for medium Voice and Guitar. (Mfdws023a)

Scallywag’s Kickwalk - piano solo

She of the Pipes for Flute, Bb clarinet and Piano. (mfdws006flc)

She of the Pipes for Treble and Tenor Recorders and Piano. (mfdws006)

Shem Ru'ahh (Spirit and breath)

 for solo clarinet. (MFDWS068)

Soliloquy for Solo guitar. (mfdws040)

Solstice Song for Voice, flute, Alto Recorder and harp. (mfdws047)

Something for Luck for Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone and Baritone Saxophone. (mfdws007sx)

Something for Luck for Descant Recorder and 2 treble recorders. (mfdws007)

Sonata in Ripon for Solo guitar. (mfdws032)

Souvenir of Saint Valentine's Day 1975 for Solo guitar. (mfdws060)

Spider's Web for Solo guitar. (mfdws030)

Suite for Flute and Piano. (mfdws010fl)

Suite for Treble Recorder and Piano. (mfdws010)

Tants Fraylachs (Klezmer Style)  for Saxophone Quartet (SATB)


Tants Fraylachs  (Klezmer style)  (for Clarinet Quartet - 3 B-flats and 1 bass clarinet)  (mfdws008cl)

The Frost Bound Wood for SATB chorus a cappella

The Frostbound Wood for ATBB a cappella

The Hubbard Saga for choir (piano reduction)


The Hubbard Saga for SATB Choir, children's choir and orchestra (1100/0000/strings)


     [note: orchestral parts are available on rental terms at       http://www.classicalmusicnow.com/rentalcat.htm]

The Princess’s Tune (euphonium and tuba quartet)

Theme and Variations for Solo guitar. (mfdws035)

Three Nursery Rhymes for Recorder (or Flute) Medium voice and Guitar. (mfdws055)

Two Duos for English Horn (cor anglais) and Bass Saxophone. (mfdws024)

Two Pieces for Brass Quintet. (mfdws026)

Variations on "Du Schöner Lebensbaum" for Organ. (mfdws020)

Variations on "Sweet Kate" for Solo guitar. (mfdws039)

Variations on Twinkle, Twinkle for Solo guitar. (Mfdws038)

Vintage Variations for alto saxophone and organ

Vintage Variations for Trumpet and organ. (Mfdws062)

While shepherds blew their sax by night (saxophone quartet and piano)

Alto saxophone and guitar

Alto Saxophone and piano

B flat clarinet and guitar

B flat clarinet and piano

B flat saxophone and guitar

B flat saxophone and piano

B flat trumpet and guitar

B flat trumpet and piano

English horn (cor anglais) and guitar

English horn (cor anglais) and piano

Flute and guitar

Flute and piano

French horn and piano

Oboe and guitar

Oboe and piano

Viola and guitar

Viola and piano

Violin and guitar

Violin and piano

Petticoat Lane the song  (alto and guitar)

Petticoat Lane - all versions:

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