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Download my sheet music at MusicaNeo

Categories of my music on MusicaNeo:

All Sheet music

Violoncello and guitar

Voice(s) and guitar

Guitar solos

Choral works

Large scale works

Other chamber music

Wind instrument and guitar

Piano, organ and keyboard

Voice and piano

Voice and other instruments

Songs from Old Vienna

Violin and guitar

Violin and Clarinet

Solo Violin


Small vocal groups


The Jellicle Collection

The Gavin Ewart collection

The Prevert Collection

The Verlaine and Rimbaud Collection

Guitar duets and trios

String Duos Trios Quartets Quintets Sextets and Octets

Haiti Disaster Relief Concert for Flute and Guitar (music composed by members of the Delian Society)

Christmas Music

Jewish Music

All flute music

     Music for alto flute and bass flute

All clarinet music

    Alto clarinet and piano

Arrangements of British folksongs for SAB choir and piano

Easy Clarinet trios

All music involving recorders

Music with harp

Folksong Snapshots

Music involving cor anglais

Music involving ocarina(s)

Oriental Inspirations

Music with oboe

Franz Schubert arrangements                 

       Shubert’s Gesänge des Harfners

ATON a stage play with my music

Absolution and Exultation (various arrangements for wind nonet)

The grass is growing in the field of ash (various arrangements)

Ariette Oubliée (the song and various instrumental arrangements)

The Quiet Way you move me (the song and instrumental various arrangements)

Henry Purcell page

Paddywhack page

Christmas Song page

The Swallows

Personal Ads and Springtime Jaunt

IInvitation to the Journey

Our Father (choral and instrumental quartets)

Petite Ballade (and Song for Jennie)

Eriskay love lilt (Vair Mi O)

Süsser die Glocken nie klingen (The bells never sound sweeter)


Bring us in good ale

Earwig - Ohrwurm

Mysterious moment

Im Märzen der Bauer

Im schönsten Wiesengrunde

Kein schöner Land

Es, es, es und es

Ich danke dem Herrn (Heinrich Schütz)

Alleyways - a Christmas Song

Dawn in the Room


Wind ensembles

Penny Whistle

The Delphine Mode

Ludwig Senfl (don’t forget the mustard!)

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