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Iris  Clarinet Quartet Japan

Concert by the Iris Clarinet Quartet at the Concert Hall at the Electricity Museum (Denki-Bunka-Kaikan) Nagoya, Japan, on 3 October 2010:  

(translation  of titles kindly provided by Ed Durbrow)

G. Gershwin 3 preludes

A. Piazzola  Adios Nonino

C. Debussy Lento assai

M. Ravel Tombeau de Couperin

D. Solomons Tants Fraylachs

Their performance of my Tants Fraylachs

can now be heard here (mp3).

Iris Clarinet Quartet (opens in new window or tab)


MyFive TimesTable", specially written for the Iris Clarinet Quartet, had its debut in the Kawai Concert Salon in Nagoya, Japan, on May 22 2011, as the finale of the symposium-recital that they gave.

Their performance of “Five Times Table” there can be heard here (mp3).

This jolly and invigorating performance includes some very effective use of glissandi :-)

(please excuse the slight scuffling sounds at the very beginning)

The scores and parts are available from Musik Fabrik and from various online music stores, including sheetmusicplus on the following links:

Tants Fraylachs

Five times table

A new piece of mine has reached the Iris quartet - Camp David - which is mentioned in their Blog  (in Japanese).

The score and parts (and - currently - an electronic preview) of Camp David can be found here.

Here is my attempt at translating their blog article:


The composer David Solomons has written another composition for Iris!!

Also Five times table which Iris most recently performed in concert is Solomons' work.

As for the title of new tune Camp David. It is made on the basis of a Yiddish folk song which is called ”I [am a maiden] come of age”.

Appropriate because in Iris everyone is coming of age....Just right! (*^_^*)”

The fact that we can perform this is a great pleasure!


4th Concert by the Iris Clarinet Quartet at the Concert Hall at the Electricity Museum (Denki-Bunka-Kaikan) Nagoya, Japan, on 3 February 2013  (open 13.30, curtain 14.00):


Variations on a theme of Paganini by K. A Wilson

Robin Hood Suite (Delian Suite No 7) by Delian Society

J D Ford, W Park, D W Solomons, S Firestone,

R J Brown, J Chatillon


Csardas from Ritter Pazman by J Strauss II

String Quartet No 2 by A Borodin

(English translation  kindly provided by Yutaka Egawa)