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Music for Flute

Flute and guitar

Flute, clarinet and guitar

Flute and Piano

Flute Solos (unaccompanied)

Flute Duos (unaccompanied)

Flute Duos with accompaniment

Flute Trios (unaccompanied)

Flute Trios with accompaniment

Flute Quartets

Flutes Quintets

Flute Sextets

Flute Choir

Works featuring Piccolo

Works featuring Alto and Bass Flutes

Works featuring the Native North American Flute

Flute with other instruments and/or voices

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Wind trios, quartets, quintets, sextets, nonets

Arrangements for woodwind and guitar

Schubert Arrangements for flute, alto flute or clarinet with guitar accompaniment

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