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Featured  instrumental compositions Special pages for featured instrumental compositions

Suite for recorder Orchestra

Prelude and Fantasy - Recorder Sextet

Something for Luck

Ocarina Septets

Folksong Snapshots for clarinet or flute and guitar

Folk song Snapshots for various instruments

with guitar or piano accompaniment

Jam Fancy for crumhorn (or oboe) and jazz band

Folksong Wedding for clarinet or saxophone quartet

Details and Serenade for wind quintet

String quintet (Sweet Suite)

String quartet No 1

Cat's Cradle for harp solo

Petticoat Lane

Stüecke üssm Elsass (pieces from Alsace for cello and guitar)

Virgo and Taurus for cello and guitar

Bergamasca Variations for cello and guitar

[Ein Strauss aus der Fruhlingszeit]

Ein Strauss aus der Frühlingszeit for violin and guitar

Oxford Days 1975 for guitar solo

Après Paul for recorder quartet

Nocturne for Clarinet and Piano

A Little ABC of the Renaissance (flute and guitar)

Railway Song

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