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Works  by composers of the past

Music by early and romantic composers

performed by the dwsChorale


Robin Adair (my arrangement) (video)

Riu Riu Chiu

Guillaume, prends ton tambourin

O lusty May

The Angel Gabriel - arr Otto Wanke

Bach (Johann Sebastian)

O Jesulein Süss

Brahms (Johannes)

Wenn ein starker Gewappneter

Byrd (William)

Cradle Song (with strings)

Campion (Thomas)

To Music Bent

Dvorak (Antonin)

Das Vöglein

Eccard (Johann)

Maria Wallt zum Heiligtum (When Mary to the Temple went) (video)

Févin (Antoine de)

Il fait bon aimer l'oiselet

Fischer (Johann Kaspar Ferdinand)

Ballet Anglois


Hassler (Hans Leo)

Jubilate deo (video)

Jones (Robert)

Sweet Kate

Jachet of Mantua

O vos omnes

Morley (Thomas) with McHale (Richard)

Though Philomela lost her love (aka Philomela across the centuries)


Canon in D - choral arrangement by Noel Goemanne

Purcell - (well, after Purcell)

Mucus for a while

Wise (Michael)

Catch on the cats at midnight

(Video of the cats at midnight)

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