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Commixtus was founded by the bassoonist Franck Leblois.

Its new website is here.  It can also be contacted by post at the address:

Commixtus, 7 impasse des Hauts de Boudeuil

                   16160 Gond Poutouvre,


or by writing directly to Franck Leblois at franck.leblois@wanadoo.fr

Some of the works that I have written for Franck Leblois and Commixtus have been  performed in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 in France and the USA.

These include:

La Fée Verte (bassoon and strings) from the Delian suite on the name of Paul Verlaine

(the video of the section where La Fée Verte appears can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hI_1dNKZu3E )

The suite will receive its second performance (planned for) April  2013 in Angoulême.

A preview of the whole of the Verlaine suite, with the names of all the composers, is on the Delian Society’s site here

The scores are now available at Commixtus and Musicaneo

Floreat Rosa Divina for violin and bassoon - performed by Pavel Eret and Franck Leblois for Commixtus’ 2nd CD, which is available now  on Amazon.  (A version for violin and clarinet is also being published).

The score of the violin and bassoon version is now available at Commixtus.fr

La cigale et la fourmi (clarinet, bassoon, piano and spoken voice (narrator) -  here is an electronic preview).

(The English version of this piece - “The grasshopper and the ant” is also being published  here is an electronic preview).

The score of the French version is now available at Commixtus.fr

The scores for all these pieces are available from Franck Leblois at franck.leblois@wanadoo.fr

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