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A Loosely Strung Alto

(alto and classical guitar)

01 To Cassandra

02 The Quiet way you move me

03 Romance for Lissie

04 Song for Jenny

05 Cupid, shame yourself

06 Here in nomansland

07 Be not afeard

08 Wrong side of the door

09 Je veux sortir

10 Havirandosan no Haiku

11 To a bee with no sense of direction

12 Ludhe sing tishu - sneezing song

13 Christmas song

14 Judas

15 As gleams the rosebud

16 Rose

Wildlife in the Nursery - the singing animals

Wildlife in the Nursery

Hickory Dickory Dock

 Old Macdonald  

 Chicken Little  

 Three blind mice (with cats)

 Baa Baa Black Sheep   

 Pop goes the weasel   

 Little Bo Peep   

 Where has my little dog gone?

Froggy would a wooing go  

Alice the camel  

 Turkey in the straw   

 The Birding Song  

 Three little pigs   

 Three blind mice (vocal  version)    

 Mary had a little...   

 The Elephant    

 Hushabye Baby   

 Rockabye Baby   

 Water Music (after Händel)

Songs of Solomons

Songs of Solomons

Dawn in the Room      

Haviranosan No Haiku   

Ludhe Sing Tishu   

The Quiet Way You Move Me

Greek Wassail  

The Swallows    


 Invitation to the Journey   

 Christmas Haikus   

 Lookin' Just Lookin' at the personal ads

Love is all you need

(a tribute to the Beatles)

(“single CD” - 16 minutes 22)

When one is gathered together

Alle Psallite (anon)

Verbum Patris (anon)


Gaudete (anon)

O sing joyfully (Batten)

Rejoice in the Lord alway (anon)

Hodie (Lassus)

O Quam gloriosum (Victoria)

When David heard (Tomkins)

Lift thine eyes (Mendelssohn)

Velika Yekteniya (Vasylaki-Vozhakivskyj)

Milist' spokoyu (Vasylaki-Vozhakivskyj

Siyahamba (anon trad)

Aya Ngena (anon trad)

Ke Arona (anon trad)

Soualle (trad arr Emmet)

God is Gone up (Croft)

Come Let's Rejoice (Amner)

If ye love me (Thomas Tallis)

Wohl mir dass ich Jesum habe (J S Bach)

Thou visitest the earth (Greene)

Chantez à Dieu (Sweelinck)

The Stripper

(a spoof based on “Their aid I thus disclaim” from Gilbert and Sullivans’ “Princess Ida”

(single CD - 2 mins 12)

“Canon in D” A choral version of  Pachelbel’s Canon Arranged by Noel Goemanne (single CD - 4 minutes 36) Canon in D by Pachelbel arranged by Noel Goemanne

So what would happen if…

01   The twelve days of Christmas a conductor's nightmare

02   Mrs Hooligan's Christmas cake

03   Venerable Mother Toothache

04   Wenn der Pott aber nur ein Loch hat - the German origin of that old favourite "There's a hole in my bucket".

05   Wine and water -  a setting of G K Chesterton's satirical poem in which Noah's predilection for wine is foremost in the mind, but the Bishops stick to water.

06   Motorbus - a setting of A D Godley's macaronic poem about the dangers of busses in central Oxford, the word Motor Bus is forced through all the declensions in Latin and the music, in whole tone scale follows the young Latin scholar in his attempts to understand those declensions.

07   The mending of fuses - a setting of the poem by E O Parrott, which is in turn a parody of "The naming of parts" by Henry Reed. The whole family gets down to the horrors of dusty cobweb-strewn cupboards where fuse boxes are kept and attempts in vain to find and mend the fuse that has blown.

08   To a bee with no sense of direction - a setting of the poem by Audrey Vaughan - this bumble bee simply cannot find its way out despite the open window waiting patiently for it.

09   Witches' recipe - a setting of the witches' chant in Shakespeare's Macbeth - arranged for three altos in strangulated ("witch-like") voices and guitar ostinato accompniment

10   The centipede - pity the poor centipede who suddenly finds she cannot walk once she is asked which leg comes after which

11   Bring us in good ale - a jolly song from days past in which the singers ask for no food but plenty of ale

12   Mit Lust tret ich an diesen Tanz - Senfl's madrigal about joining in the dance

13   Pucelete Domino Je Languis - a quodlibet mixing religious and secular themes

14   Thule the period of cosmography and the Andalusian merchant - madrigal in two sections by Thomas Weelkes in which the complexities of his feelings seem to outweigh all the wonders of the world.


15  The Swallows - setting for alto and guitar of the poem by Gourgen Mahari - the swallows represent the Armenian nation forced out of its land and unable to return

16  Up I arose - macaronic song from the early renaissance in which a girl, made pregnant by a priest, bewails her fate and is considering whether or not to have an abortion.

17  Being but men - setting of the poem by Dylan Thomas, if we were children we would have no fear, but we have so many doubts when we are grown up

18 Apolytikion tis pentikostis - arrangement of an old Greek Orthodox chant - this setting is considered not to be "authentic" because it becomes polyphonic, but I think it works very well as a piece of meditative music

19 Sing o daughter of Zion - arrangement of words from the Book of Zephaniah, composed in my old evangelical days

Six Renaissance lute songs, two in which I accompany myself on guitar followed by four with the lute accompaniment performed by the late Bob Glover

20 Flow my tears by John Dowland

21 Come Away by John Dowland

22 Dont vient cela by Claudin de Sermisy

23 O Lusty May - anonymous Scottish song

24 To Music Bent by Thomas Campion (or Campian)

25 Tant que vivray by Claudin de Sermisy

Romantic Inspirations

01 Tebye Poyem - Rachmaninov and dwsChorale

02 To thee o Lord - Rachmaninov and dwsChorale

03 Illusions - D W Solomons

04 Süsser die Glocken nie klingen - Behringer and Solomons

05 O Tannenbaum - Behringer and Solomons

06 Alle Jahre wieder - Behringer and Solomons

07 Im Märzen der Bauer - Behringer and Solomons

08 Sei Lob und Preis - Erlenbach and dwsChorale

09 Es ist ein Ros entsprungen - Praetorius and dwsChorale

10 The Storm - Roland Rogers and dwsChorale

11 Believe me if all these endearing young charms - Thomas Moore and Solomons

12 Elegie de Marie - Marie Keyser and D W Solomons

13 The Swallows Gourgen Mahari and D W Solomons

14 He makes men pure - St Paul and D W Solomons

15 Heureux qui comme ulysse - Du Bellay and D W Solomons

16 Music for a while Purcell and D W Solomons

17 O Holy night arr Sveglini - dwsChorale

18 Sing Lullaby dwsChorale

19 Brightly dawns our wedding day Gilbert and Sullivan dwsChorale

20 Strange Adventure  Gilbert and Sullivan dwsChorale

21 Robin Adair Robert Burns and dwsChorale

22 The gate of Hell

23 The gate of Purgatory

24 The gate of Heaven

25 Surrender

Rare and Eclectic Dreams of the world

01 Malgré Moi - two voices with ostinato guitar - a setting of a poem by Jacques Prévert the poet is an independent thinker no matter what the world tried to throw at him

02 Quartier Libre - also known as "Le Képi" - a setting of the poem by Jacques Prévert

03 Memory bird, poem by S N Solomons inspired by a poem of Jacques Prévert  

04 A modern Hiawatha is is a rendition of the comic poem (attributed to "anonymous" in the Penguin book of Comic and Curious verse) and explains how the Native Americans decided which way round to put the skin and fur on their mittens

05 La tour de Hölderlin - poem by Marie Keyser a vision of the famous tower and the effect in the mind of a fellow poet, set for two voices a cappella

06 Dawn in the Room is the version for strings and alto solo of the Dorian mode song in which the singer recalls his (or her) deceased lover and imagines him/her returning as a consoling ghost - words by the composer's mother E M Solomons (other versions of this song are available on other CDs on CDBaby)

07 Green grow the rushes -traditional folk song arranged for choir

08 Hence Care - madrigal by Thomas Weelkes

09 Pilons l'orge (Crush the barley)- madrigal by Claudin de Sermisy about the hard life that men and circumstances impose on women

10 Tria Paidia (three young men) a 7-time Greek folksong about a tribe who steals a girl from the neighbouring village

11 Erinaki mou (My Erinaki) - a 7-time Greek folksong trying to cheer up a weeping girl

12 Riu Riu Chiu - Arrangement of the traditional Spanish Christmas song in which the Virgin Mary protects the lamb from the wolf

13 My Lord Willoughby's Welcome home -  a traditional song arranged for double choir, inspired by the lute duo version by John Dowland

14 Order of the Day - poem by S N Solomons set for men's voices

15 The Quiet way you move me - poem by Nevil Frenkiel. This is the version for alto solo with alto choir accompaniment

16 My beloved is mine - based on parts of the Song of Songs (Song of Solomon) in the Bible, composed for, and first performed at the gay liberation service at St Botolph's Aldgate in London in 1980

17 O vos Omnes - composed by Jachet of Mantua (Jacques Colebault) - The suffering Jesus addresses the crowds who pass by.

18 Weepin' Mary - an Easter song in an anonymous choral arrangement

19 Ach dass ich Wassers gnug hätte - setting of the words "Oh that I had enough water in my eyes to weep" by Johann Christoph Bach (previously arrtibuted to Wilhelm Bach)

20 Cruxifixus a 6 - a multitrack version of the 6-part setting by Anton Lotti of the Crucifixus

21 Crucifixus a 8 - a multitrack version of the more familiar 8-part setting by Anton Lotti of the Crucifixus

22 Set me as a seal set by Ken Bayliss, cousin of my first publisher Colin Bayliss

23 Prelude to Fantasy and Fantasy - written in honour of the first ever woman I fancied - but I never told her!

24 The Twelve Spams of Christmas - a comical collaboration parodying the twelve days of Christmas between David W Solomons (as Alfredo Sin Cojones) and Lorin Nelson (as Sid McNarsty) and listing all the bad and silly things that come through your email all year, not just at Christmas!

Love is all you need The Stripper (Their aid I thus disclaim) When one is gathered together

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