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I met the cellist and recorder player Chris Benson and performed many duets with him during our college days in the mid 1970s. These recordings were made on a fairly basic cassette recorder, and are somewhat noisy at times. Much of what we played was sight-read from our pencilled manuscripts. Nevertheless, I consider these recordings to be well worth keeping, both for the originality of the performances and, more particularly, by way of a memorial to Chris Benson, who died too soon.

Some of the pieces are  written by Chris, and I do not have the original manuscripts now. Some are also lost compositions of mine. Where the original manuscripts are available, they have now been transcribed and published and can be obtained at the links given.

Part 1                                                 

mp3 /video                                                        Publication details


With violoncello:

1. Variations on Bergamasca (dws)                                Score


With recorder:

2. Cotillion (Hotteterre arr dws)                                   Score


3. Kiriboshi kiriuta (trad)

4. Nikko warakyu odori (trad)

With violoncello

5. Non je n'irai plus au bois (trad arr dws)

With recorder

6. Obaba doku yukiyari (trad)

With violoncello

7. Quien tu viese tal poder (Diego Pisador)

8. Madonna mia fa (Diego Pisador)

9. Si la noche hace oscura (Diego Pisador arr dws)

With recorder

10 Yagi bushi (trad)

11. Harlequin (dws)                                                       Score

With violoncello

12. E Dorian sketch (dws)                                              Score


13. A La Recherche (dws)                                              Score


14. 3 D Dorian sketches (dws)                                      Score   

15*. Summertime Rag (Chris Benson)                            Score


       Stuecke uessm Elsass (Alsacien folksong variations)


16. Der Hans im Schnokeloch                      

17. Das Elsass unser Laendel                                                 

18. Mutter ich will e ding

19. Das Maisel pfifft di Zit isch do

(Video: Variations on folk songs from Alsace)


20/21. 2 unnamed pieces by Chris Benson  

22. Sketch in B flat (dws)                                             Score


23. Sketch in lute tuning (dws)                                     Score

Part 2

1. Australian folksong variations  (dws)                          Musik Fabrik

                       Folksong sonatina (dws)

2. Mvt 1 – I had a song to sing to you

3. Mvt 2 - Gethsemane

4. Mvt 3 – (guitar bridge and then)

Oh Come on Out

5. Mvt 4 – The Song I sang you

6. Virgo and Taurus (dws)                                             Score


7. Ta Maman (after a poem

by Paul Maertens)  

(cello, alto voice and guitar) (dws)                               Score


8. The Message of Christmas (dws)                               Score

9. Isiah 12 (and in that day thou shalt say…)


10. Doric Victory (Nike! - νίκη!)

(cello, recorder and guitar) (dws)                                 Score


11. Now and Then Again

(recorder and guitar) (dws)                                           Score

12. Duo for cello and guitar 1973                                        Score

13. Meinau Rag                                                              Score


Musik Fabrik Musik Fabrik

*Summer time

The “Summertime Rag” Duet by Chris Benson has now finally been transcribed and has been released and recorded by a duo in New York  

The video can be enjoyed here

A choral version of the piece, “In the Summer Time”, for which I wrote the lyrics and choral parts on top of Chris’ original duet, is also available.

The video can be enjoyed here.

Performances by

Chris Benson and

David Warin Solomons