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Appearances and Performances 2013-2016

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Performances from August 2014 to the present

In May 2017 the Budapest Scoring choir under Peter Pejtsik performed my setting of Psalm 23 (Der Herr ist mein Hirte (The Lord is my Shepherd)


The Philadelphia Flute Quartet performed my arrangement of Stanford’s “Quick! We have but a second in April 2017: Video

The Nationalhymne von Rheinbergen (National Anthem of Rheinbergen) was recorded by Budapest Scoring in August and September 2016 (versions for baritone solo, choir and karaoke (ie just orchestra to sing along with).

The downloadable CD is available on Bandcamp, CDBaby, itunes and Amazon.

All versions in video, audio and score form.

Freilach for 2 flutes and 1 alto flute (video here)- Performed by The Fluteview (Viviana Guzman, Fluter Scooter and Alice K. Dade) in Half Moon Bay, California, on 10 July 2015 and in the San Diego NFA [National Flute Association] in August 2016.

Freilach  was also performed at the CSEHY on 7 July 2016 by Angela McBrearty, Martha Alford and Michele Gordon

and by students of Katharina Schröter in Stuttgart (and later Paderborn) during late 2016 and 2017.

Manchester Magnificat performed by Budapest Scoring choir and orchestra under Zoltán Pad in May 2016

Original version with orchestra:

Audio: downloadable CD on Bandcamp

Video: on Vimeo

Version with piano and organ

Audio: downloadable CD on Bandcamp

Video: on Vimeo

Klezomaticus performed by Robert Billington on 8.7.2016 in Temple Sinai in Delray Beach (Florida) (video)

Dawn in the Room - including performances by Betti Nagy, Laszlo Demeter and the Budapest Scoring String Orchestra (Dawn in the Room Page)

Railway Song performed by Ken Morrell’s saxophone quartet (Video)

Mass for choir and orchestra and Ite Missa Est performed by the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra and Choir under Zoltán Pad  (CD)                   Video

The Octava Chamber Orchestra, Lynnwood, performed the Delian Suite No 8 (Letters to Eternity), including my “Bunny Rabbits”, on 30 January 2016 (programme page with recording of Bunny Rabbits)

                                                                             Video of Bunny Rabbits

A concert of flute (and alto flute) and guitar music was given on on 22 November 2015 by Robert Billington and Rene Gonzalez (Page of videos)

Clarinet and Guitar (Duo Scherzando - Konstantia Loibner and Petra Schwarzl)  - there was a performance in Linz this November and one in Kalsdorf concert later in December 2015 (Poster) (recordings coming later).

Yiddish Folksong variations CD (Cámara Klezmer Trío and performances by me and Alessandro Balsimini)                            Video playlist

Suite for Guitar and Orchestra (András Csáki and the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra under Péter Illényi) CD

Downloadable video of the whole work (high resolution) (Video)

Coming out of the Fog - 11 pieces -  (Bruce Paine guitar solo) (CD)

Klezomaticus for solo violin (Daniel Mihai) (Video)

Recorder Orchestra Suite  (Manchester Recorder Orchestra) (Performer’s Page)

In einen Harung (The Herring Song) - rehearsal only (Singkreis des PAB NordEngland) (Video)

Composer’s Choir: It was a lover and his Lass, In the Summertime, Panis Angelicus and many other of my choral pieces (Performer’s page)

Freilach for flute trio (The Fluteview) (Video)

Sequence for Alun’s Poetry including the voice of Sheralyn Rennert (Video)

The grass is growing in the field of Ash - Lisa Hedley and friends - flute, oboe and piano (Video)

Folk contra Punkt - for flutes, cello and guitars (CD)

Sweet 4 Chamber Orchestra - performed by Jeremiah Bornfield (electronic) (CD)

Variations on Adon Olam for the Holocaust Memorial in Barnet (Video)

Rupert the Chocolate Angel performed by the Troilus Ensemble in Inverness Cathedral (no recording available)

The Fruitful Pond - various string and brass ensembles in Costa Rica (CD)

Youtube playlist (Videos)

Approaching Reality - orchestral and chamber music - (Ravel Virtual Studios) (electronic) (CD)

Youtube Playlist (Videos)

David Carlston Williams CD of my 5 pieces for organ on the newly refurbished RNCM organ

Youtube playlist (Videos)


Earlier events:

On 17 August 2014 David Carlston Williams performed 4 of my organ pieces at St Paul’s church in Sale (see videos playlist).

On 9 February 2014 at 14.00 hours, at the Hibel Museum of Art in Jupiter, Florida, Robert Billington performed my Klezomaticus for solo flute

Details here

 On 31 January 2014, at 20.45 hours,  at the Aula Magna Scuola Media "U. Foscolo" via Manzoni Preganziol (Tv), Italy, The Aurora Guitar Trio performed music by Jan Freidlin, Mark Houghton, Ronald Chadwick, Loris O Chabanian and my 8 Jewish Melodies

Details here.

The next Billington and Gonzalez Flute and Guitar Duo Concert was on October 18, 2013 at 7:00 pm. St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. 14260 Old Cutler Road, Palmetto Bay, Florida 33158 (305) 238-2161

Program included my Suite from A Little ABC of the Renaissance

Variations on Tourdion - Claude Gervaise (pub. Attaignant 1530), Rêvé-Je - Bataille, Variations on J’attends Secours - Claudin de Sermisy

Full details at https://www.facebook.com/RobertDavidBillington/posts/10151878508684146

On 5 October 2013 Flutar (Martin Vallaster, flute and Gerhard Ganahl, guitar) performed a concert at the Remise in Bludenz (Austria) consisting of music by composers born in 1953.  This included my “A time of change”, “Danza”, “El Gecko” and (as an encore) “Petticoat Lane”

On Sunday 15th September 2013 the violin virtuoso Daniel Mihai, among others, performed in a concert broadcast by Radio Romania (INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL GEORGE ENESCU, BUCHAREST, ROMANIA, 15 September 2013, Romanian Radio Concert Hall "Mihail Jora", PROGRAM IN MEMORIAM DANIEL PEARL.  My pieces "Prayer to an unknown entity"  and “Variations on Oyfn Yam” were performed (and premiered) as encores (at the end of a 3 and a half hour concert!).

Videos: Prayer to an unknown entity                       Variations on Oyfn Yam

The whole concert can be heard on this video

On 19 July 2013, 7:30 PM, Temple Sinai, Delray Beach, Florida, the Billington and Gonzalez Duo, performed  my 8 Jewish  melodies (for flute and for flute and guitar) for a  Musical Shabbat, including Papirossen for the sermon!

On June 29th 2013 a group performed two movements (Camp David & Blue Boar Blue) from the Sweet Suite in Berthoud (“Adwyn Lim’s Barn”), Colorado.

A blast from the past (recording only just rediscovered) - in March 2007 Mark Crayton (alto) and James Janssen (piano) performed three of my songs:  video playlist .

During the last week of April 2013 the “Fou de bassoon” event included performances of many pieces for bassoon.

These included the Variations Concertantes sur le nom de Paul Verlaine - for bassoon and string orchestra by the Delian Society (which included my piece “La fée verte)

and my setting of La Fontaine’s poem La Cigale et la fourmi, for clarinet, bassoon and piano

These (and also my Floreat Rosa Divina) have now been published by the connected entity Commixtus

For details see the Fou de basson and Commixtus sites

On 9th March 2013 at Foresteria Valdese Venezia (Venice) -

the Aurora Guitar Trio (Michael Fiorin, Alessandro Balsimini, Andrea Torresan) gave a concert including my trio on Jewish Melodies.  More details

Further recitals involving these pieces took place on 23 and 24 March 2013 in Venice and Mantua… more details

and on 23rd May in Mestre (Venice) … more details

On 16 March 2013 there was an informal concert at the Lutheran Church in Stretford given by the Singkreis and friends, which included my English version of “Veronika der Lenz ist da” and a new version of “Silver threads among the gold”, with words by my father addressed to my mother.

In March 2013 Carla Moraga and Michel Bert performed The finding of St Anthony:


On 10 February 2013 at the Edna Hibel Art Museum, Abacoa, Florida, Robert Billington and Rene Gonzalez performed three pieces of mine (click for videos below):


Letter to a distant lover

Little Laser Lady

On 3 February 2013: there was a concert by the Iris Clarinet Quartet (video) , which included the Robin Hood Suite by various members of the Delian Society (including my comical piece: The Bishop is forced to Dance)