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The 1993  tape

Presenting the 1993 tape - a recreation of nine videos made in 1993, kindly filmed by Gary Savage on his camcorder, but

with improved sound and added subtitles

Playist  for all 9 videos

Individual videos:

The Quiet way you move me

- based on a poem by

Nevil Frenkiel for his play Barabbas

The Mending of Fuses

- based on the parody by EO Parrott

of "The Naming of Parts" by Henry Reed

The Finding of St Anthony

- based on a passage from

Les Tribulations de St Antoine,

words translated from the text of Claude-Louis Combet

Summer is i-cumen in loude sing tishoo

- a parody of the old English canon Sumer is i-cumen in,

specially written for hayfever sufferers

Romance for Lissie

just a bit of romantic memory

Messe Miniature de Marie

- based on Marie Keyser's

poem about childhood and unicorns

- includes English translation

Greek Wassail

- spoof Greek dance

with an ecological touch

Beetle's Wings

-pantheistic catholic poem by Audrey Vaughan

Looking just looking at the personal ads

just what it says on the packet....