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Recorder Trios

Tout de Suite (or Toot Sweet)

(soprano, alto and tenor)

Something for Luck -

(1 soprano and 2 trebles)

Hear live performances by X-tet:

mp3 Something Old

mp3 Something New

mp3 Something Borrowed

mp3 Something Blue

Sample page (pdf)

Published by

Musik Fabrik. (mfdws007)

Original works for Recorder Trio:
Arrangements for Recorder Trio:

Whither away so fast (from the madrigal by Thomas Morley) (for wind trio)

    soprano, alto and tenor recorders

Eriskay Love Lilt (Vair Mi O)

     soprano, alto and bass recorders

O Happy Fair - The Loadstars for recorder trio (soprano, alto and tenor)

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