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(All youtube video playlists)

Come, Sirrah Jack, Ho! (for 3 flutes)

Weepin’ Mary

Thalia’s Rag - live performance including the limericks

O for the Wings of a Dove for flute choir

Variations on Home Sweet Home for wind quartet

Variations on Home Sweet Home for flute quartet

Dal lecto me levava (Pesenti) - Choral version

Sweet and Low (Stanford’s setting) arranged for flute quartet and string quartet

L’incantatrice del Norte (The Enchantress of the North) for 2 flutes and guitar

Variations on The Three Ravens - for flute and strings

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He is Close By - flute and piano - performed by Robert Billington and Vindya Khare

Playlist of all Ophelia videos

Ophelia - for flute, strings and guitar