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Petticoat Lane the song  (alto and guitar)

There is a market in the City

where you can find both cheap and pretty

Petticoat Lane is its name

and you can get almost anything

Folk come from miles and miles around

back into the past searching through all the

age-old market stalls in the heart of old London

So we go down there in the morning

hoping to find a bargain calling

and what we don't spend will

last at least to midday

then we go back just to spend a little more

just in case we have missed one or two or more

bargain purchases in the heart of old London.

I've found a nice cheap T-shirt

you've bought a potpourri,

"Bert! we really should keep some cash

for the Underground home!"

"Never you mind the journey home, Pet!

I've got my eyes on that old boxset..

"Look! All our fav'rite films are there

at twenty quid for the lot!"

"Come on Bert! we really need to get back

- oh hang on a minute I've just seen a beautiful purple rucksack"

And so they go back into the madding crowd,

spending all their dough,

but who do they see just then but Bert's dear old Auntie Flo:

Laden down with bags and trying to keep one hand free.

Bert grins at Flo and says

"Well where did you get that pink hat?"

Bert's wife muttered to herself

"I'd hate to be seen wearing that!"

So now all three go down towards Aldgate East,

stop at a curry house to have a spicy feast.

Bert had a hot vindaloo and washed it down

with sev'ral pints of Cobra beer.

Then they went back up to Wentworth Street for another look.

What a Sunday spending all their dough in the heart of old London.

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