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6 Songs of Farewell

By C H H Parry

Arranged for instrumental groups

I have always loved singing Parry’s Six Songs of Farewell, which many count among his best a cappella choral works.

It occurred to me this month that this beautiful music would also be appreciated by instrumentalists and their audiences, so, in my current project, I have been transcribing them for flute, clarinet and wind ensembles.

The scores and parts (plus original texts and electronic audio previews and some videos) are available through the following links:

My Soul, there is a Country far beyond the stars

for flute quartet                                              Video

for clarinet quartet

for wind quartet

I know my soul hath power to know all things

for flute quartet

for clarinet quartet

for wind quartet

Never weather-beaten sail

for flute quintet                                                    Video

for clarinet quintet

for wind quintet

There is an old belief

for flute sextet

for clarinet sextet

for wind sextet

At the round Earth’s imagined corners

for flute septet

for clarinet septet

for wind septet                                                      Video

Lord, let me know mine end

for flute octet  or flute choir                               Video

for clarinet octet or clarinet choir

for wind octet

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