The Pipes are Calling for bassoon and orchestra

Budapest Scoring and I recently created two new versions of The Pipes are Calling
- with bassoon solo and with cor anglais solo, in addition to the original saxophone version.

As mentioned in an earlier article, this is an orchestral extravaganza reminiscent of Scottish bagpipes (the drone being carried by the violas and cellos and the chanter by the soloist while the flutes and the other string parts come into the blend with arco and pizzicato passages, with the timpanis providing an exciting background).

The videos, scores, parts and audio files of all three performances - and also a Karaoke version - can be found through
The Pipes are Calling Page

Fourpence ha'penny

Variations on Frere Jacques with the title inspired by my Dad who claims (jokingly)
that I earn only fourpence ha'penny for my music.

The score is available at SheetMusicPlus