Music X Ray - submitting my work to media professionals

Music X Ray - submitting my work to media professionalsWish me luck people! I"ve started submitting some of my work to media professionals
using Music X Ray.
So far the most popular piece is the Chinese New Year Celebration.
Fans are arriving one by one but it is only early times yet.
I am hoping they flood in soon...
If anyone would like to support me there is a tips jar :-)
Tips Jar

Beetles Wings and other songs for alto and guitar with improved audio

I recently improved the audio on my 1993 collection of alto and guitar camcorder recordings (with Gary Savage as camcorder operator),
They are now all uploaded to Vimeo:
The complete list of Vimeo links can be found here.

The Message of Christmas

Improved video of my 1975 evangelical song (for 2 or 4 voices, flutes, tambourines and guitar) about the meaning of Christmas.
Performed by Matthew Curtis (multitrack one-man choir)
The score is available at SheetMusicPlus