Mitherpot (or Whiner or Fusspot)

A Mitherpot (or fusspot or whiner) is usually a young child who is always complaining (although it could be an adult too.!).
Some time ago I composed a violin and piano piece to represent this.
Since then I have composed versions for flute and piano (as shown in this video) and for clarinet and piano.
The scores are available at Musicaneo:
Score and parts available at Violin and piano version
Score and parts available at Flute and piano version
Score and parts available at Clarinet and piano version


Moonlight on Sea

The Composers Choir under Dan Shaw - with classical guitar - perform my setting of
Moonlight on Sea (Stanley N Solomons inspired by Gerard dHouville)
The Video is also downloadable on Vimeo
The Score is available at Sheetmusicplus

Duo Scherzando at Christmas

Konstantia Loibner and Petra Schwarzl (performing as Duo Scherzando)
have recently recorded my Duetto della Natività for clarinet and guitar
(a medley based on various European Christmas Carols)
The mp3 of the recording can be heard here
The score can be obtained here at Productions d'Oz