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Organ  Solos

5 pieces for organ (all 5 movements)

Separate movements of the 5 pieces for organ:

Passacaglia                                            video

Dorina                                                   video

Playtime                                                video

Camden Town                                        video

The Bishop is forced to Dance                video


Höchstverwickeltes Präludium                    sample page

My Quiddity                                                 sample page              mp3 electronic preview       

Not quite French Suite                                sample page               mp3 electronic preview  


Pale Blue                                                     sample page              mp3 electronic preview

Prelude on “Gelobt sei Gott” [Vulpius]         Video        

Rag in Seven                                               sample page         

Variations on “Du schöner Lebensbaum”     Video of live performance by Ronald Frost   

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