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Modal  Mass

SATB version

Modal Mass                                                                                      Score available at Musica Neo

for men's voices (ATTB)

(See further down the page for mixed choir SATB arrangement)

Composed and performed by David W Solomons (as the dwsChorale)

This work uses mainly the Mixolydian and Dorian modes (with short excursions into Lydian and Aeolian and various jazzy modes) and, although it is entirely original, some may hear inspiration from Poulenc, Gershwin, Palestrina and Arvo Pärt.



This Kyrie is fairly passionate and, in its ever changing modality, contains a few bluesy moments. It brings out themes that will be developed in the later movements (especially the Iesu Christe section in the Gloria)



This work is based on some of the themes of the following movements and also of the Kyrie - incorporating a little jazz idea as viewed through the lens of Arvo Pärt!.

"Sanctus and Benedictus"


This work is based on some of the themes of the following Agnus and continues the theme of mixed modality.

"Agnus Dei"


At the suggestion of a fellow choralist from the Netherlands I have made an SATB version of this work (putting the "tenor 1" voice an octave up, as the soprano line.  This has now been performed by Matthew Curtis (choraltracks)

And the score is available at musicaneo or cadenzaOne

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