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Interviews in 2000 on Vermont Radio

with “Kalvos and Damian”

Around the year 2000 I was interviewed by Dennis Bathory-Kitsz and David Gunn (in the programme known as “The Kalvos and Damian Music Bazaar” on Vermont radio) - this was an interesting way of conducting an interview, since we didn’t have broadband: I simply recorded my answers and the music pieces on a CD and mailed it to them. They did a brilliant mix with their comments, making it sound like a live interview …

I have recreated and uploaded the interviews as two 1-hour mp3s - which include the interview and music extracts in the original order.

First Interview

Second Interview

Playlist for first interview:


02-Intro to My gentle words

03-My gentle words

04-Intro to Christmas Haikus

05-Christmas Haikus

06-Intro to Octatonic rag

07-Octatonic rag

08-Intro to Blue boar blue

09-Blue boar blue

10-Intro to Pale Blue

11-Pale Blue

12-Intro to Dawn in the Room

13-Dawn in the room

14-Intro to Heidenroeslein

15-Heidenroeslein - Schubert

16-Intro to Crumhorn Pattie

17-Crumhorn Pattie (also known as Jam Fancy)

18-Intro to Sagesse


20-Intro to Lost in Microtones


22-Conclusion of first interview

Playlist for second interview:


02-extract from Lost in microtones

03-intro to Rosa Divina

04-Rosa Divina

05-intro to Dido's Lament

06-Dido's lament

07-discussion on La Musique Petite

08-Intro to Landscape before sunrise

09-Landscape before sunrise

10-intro to nursery rhyme for a cat

11-Nursery rhyme for a cat

12-intro to baa baa

13-Baa baa black sheep

14-intro to be not afeard

15-be not afeard

16-intro to Spanish Extravaganza

17-Spanish Extravaganza

18-intro to Prayer to the Virgin

19-Prayer to the Virgin

20-intro to Malgre moi

21-Malgre moi

22-intro to Details

23-Details for wind quintet

24-intro to variations on Du schoener Lebensbaum

25-variations on Du schoener Lebensbaum


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