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Die Forelle (The Trout) for soprano or tenor voice and guitar

Die Forelle (The Trout) for alto voice and guitar

Die Forelle (The Trout) for bass voice and guitar

Tria paidia voliotika - Τρία παιδιά Βολιώτικα (Three young men from Volos)         Video

 for alto (or baritone) and guitar                                                                                                            

Erinaki mou - Ερηνάκι μου (My little Irene) for alto (or baritone) and guitar      Video

On come the dancers of the mind (alto and guitar)          Video of introductory passage

For you my love (after Prévert’s Pour toi mon amour) for alto and guitar

Flow my tears (John Dowland) for alto or baritone and guitar

What if I never speed (John Dowland) for voice and guitar

Oh! Oh! Antonio for alto voice and guitar

If music be the food of love (Purcell) for alto and guitar

Es ist ein Ros entsprungen (A great and mighty wonder / Lo how a Rose e’er blooming) with guitar accompaniment

    high voice and guitar

    low voice and guitar

Carnival Song for children’s voices and guitar chords             Video

The Ash Grove

   (alto, tenor, guitar chords - versions in F major and E major)


   (soprano, alto, guitar chords - version in B flat)

Austria                                                                   Video     

A mock language guide for tourists

   (2 altos, 1 tenor and guitar)

Cats Duet (Rossini, Weyse, Pearsall arr DWS)           Video     

  (2 altos and guitar)

German folk songs page

He makes men pure                                             Video     

  (2 equal voices and guitar chords - various keys available)

Here in nomansland                                              Video     

  (alto (with optional alto 2) and guitar)

Incantation for Pamela                                          Video     

  (2 altos and guitar ostinato)

Kein schöner Land

   (alto, tenor and guitar)

Malgré Moi                                                         Video     

  (2 equal voices and guitar)

   Poem by Jacques Prévert

Moonlight on sea                                              Video

   (mezzo soprano, alto and guitar)

My Love                                                            Video     

   (three altos with guitar ostinato)

The lover (after “L’amoureuse” by Paul Eluard)

   (3 altos and guitar ostinato)

Noel di Gautier                                                  Video     

   (two altos and guitar)

Ode to a Nose (drinking song)                            Video     

  (3 (alto or high tenor) voices and guitar

Planet                                                              Video     

  (2 altos, guitar)

Prayer to the Virgin (original version)                Video     

  (2 altos, guitar)

Song to Idleness                                               Video     

   (choir and guitar version)

The Recipe                                                      Video     

(the three witches from Shakespeare’s Macbeth)

  (three altos, guitar ostinato)

Upon my bed by night                                      Video     

  (choir (SATB), alto and baritone solos, guitar)

Wenn der Pott aber nu ein Loch hat                Video     

(German folk song - ancestor of “There’s a hole in my bucket”)

  (alto, bass, guitar

    or soprano, tenor, guitar)

What can we poor females do? (H Purcell)

      (arranged for alto, tenor and guitar)

What can we poor females do? (H Purcell)

      (arranged for soprano, alto and 2 guitars)

The Way You Look Tonight for alto voice and guitar

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