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Originals      Arrangements


The Enchantress of the North (L'Incantatrice del Norte) for 2 alto recorders and guitar

The Grass is growing                        Video     

  (2 flutes (or 2 alto recorders), guitar)

Bell Dance

  (alto recorder, guitar)

Doric Victory                                   Video     

   (cello, descant recorder, guitar)

Isabel’s Sniffle

  (2 alto recorders and guitar)

Jellicle Duo

   (descant recorder and guitar)

Now and Then Again

  (descant recorder, guitar)


  (alto recorder, guitar)


  (descant recorder and guitar)

Tip of the flame

   (alto recorder and guitar)

Venus - (or: “Venus has left the building” or "A goddess has just checked out")         Video     

   (alto voice, alto recorder, guitar)


Variations on Believe me if all those endearing young charms for alto recorder and guitar

Flow not so fast ye fountains for 2 alto recorders and guitar

Passepied with variations for soprano recorder and guitar

Ballet Anglois with variations for soprano recorder and guitar

Ich danke dem Herrn (Heinrich Schütz) alto recorder, guitar

If my Complaints (instrumental version of Dowland’s song, with divisions)

     alto recorder, guitar


Think On (instrumental arrangement of “A latter day Ronsard”)

    alto recorder, guitar

Nymphs and shepherds (instrumental versions)

       alto recorder and guitar


Adon Olam                                                 Video     

  (alto recorder, alto (or baritone) voice and guitar)

Alleweil ein wenig lustig - based on the German drinking song by Johann Valentin Rathgeber

  (descant recorder and guitar)

Andante in A Minor by G F Händel

  (descant recorder and guitar)

Anglaise (Händel)

  (alto recorder, guitar)

Au Toun Coenh (arrangement)

  (Descant recorder, guitar)

Cotillion (Cotillon) (after Hotteterre)

  (descant recorder, guitar)

Dance of the Washerwomen (Tanz der Washerinnen)

   (descant or tenor recorder and guitar)

Davy Davy Knick Knack             

   (descant recorder and guitar)

Fernando Sor's Study in D with added recorder (or flute)          Video   

   (alto recorder [or flute], guitar)

Fitzwilliam Sonata No 2 (Händel)

  (alto recorder, guitar)

Folk tunes from Ireland - No 1 A jig from County Clare

  (recorder and guitar)

Folk tunes from Ireland - No 2 The gooseberry blossom

  (recorder and guitar)

Folk tunes from Ireland - No 3 A reel from Cork

  (recorder and guitar)

Folk tunes from Ireland - No 4 a Jigg in 12 time

  (recorder and guitar)

Folk tunes from Ireland - No 5 a Jigg in 9 time

  (recorder and guitar)

Gavotte in A Minor (after Daniel Purcell)

  (descant recorder and guitar)

Rossignol du bois sauvage                Video     

  (alto recorder, alto voice, guitar)

Sweet was the song the virgin sang - John Attey

  (tenor or descant recorder and guitar)

Three Nursery rhyme arrangements         Video     

  (alto voice,  recorder and guitar)

Winter (Telemann)

  (descant recorder, guitar)

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