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Flute Trios With Accompaniment

Flutes Trios with accompaniment

My Love for 3 flutes and guitar ostinato

Heaven’s Dance for3 flutes and piano                     Video

Alle Psallite cum Luya:

    3 flutes and percussion

    2 flutes, alto flute and percussion

Variations on The Ash Grove (Llwyn Onn) for piccolo, 2 flutes and piano)

I'll tell my ma (the Belle of Belfast City) for flute trio (2 flutes, 1 alto flute) and piano

Arrangements from Beatles songs

   All you need is love

       3 flutes and guitar

  Ob-la-di Ob-la-da

       3 flutes and guitar


       3 flutes and guitar

  When I’m 64

       3 flutes and guitar

 With a little help from my friends

       3 flutes and guitar


       3 flutes and guitar

Strawberry fields

       3 flutes and guitar

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