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Flute and Piano

Flute (or Alto Flute) and Piano

There is a Rose in my Garden for flute and piano

There is a Rose in my Garden for alto flute and piano

Dusk: an Octatonic duo for flute and piano

He is close by - for flute and piano               Video

Plug-In for flute and piano

Nocturne sans sommeil (Sleepless nocturne) for flute and piano

Mitherpot (or Whiner) for flute and piano                               Video

"Die Ilse" a Viennese song with variations for flute and piano

Dance of the Washerwomen (with Hupfauf) for flute and piano

Bell Dance for flute and piano

Silver Threads among the Gold for flute and piano

Mrs Hooligan’s Christmas Flute Cake - for flute and piano

Dawn in the Room for flute and piano


Lascia ch’io pianga

    alto flute and piano

Arrangements from Schubert’s Gesänge der Harfners (Songs of the harpist)

     Wer sich der Einsamkeit ergibt (Who gives himself to solitude)

           Flute and piano


    Wer nie sein Brot mit Tränen ass (Who never ate his bread with tears)

           Flute and piano


    An die Türen (I will creep up to the doors)

           Flute and piano


    All three Gesänge der Harfners (Songs of the harpist)

           Flute and piano


If Music be the food of love (Purcell)

    flute and piano


    flute and piano

The quiet way you move me

     flute and piano

     alto flute and piano


Invitation to the Journey

    alto flute and piano

    flute and piano

A Springtime Jaunt

   flute and piano

Japanese Snapshots     Video

   flute and piano


The Swallows

    Flute and piano


Christmas Song

   Flute and piano


Greek wassail

  (flute and piano)

A Dark Goddess

  (flute. Piano)

Folk song Snapshots (7 pieces) for flute and piano

   (flute, piano)

Orientations                                Video     

   (flute and piano)

Petticoat Lane

  (various instruments with guitar or piano)

Suite for flute and piano

  (flute, piano)

The Face of Love

    flute and piano


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