Gordon Walker

Born in Bradford in 1885, Gordon Walker was one of the most respected and busiest of London flautists in the first half of the twentieth century.

He was principal flute in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the London Symphony Orchestra 1926-46, and the Royal Italian Opera, Covent Garden 1924-29.


At 18years of age he secured a theatre post in Bradford remaining for 4 years before moving to Newcastle-on-Tyne. From 1906 to 1911 he played in Edinburgh, Blackpool in summer and Cheltenham in winter.


Herman Finck heard him play and offered him an appointment in London where he became principal flute of the Beecham-Denhof Opera Company.


He was a successful soloist and toured Holland, Italy, France and America. His recording of Henry Bishop’s Lo here the gentle lark with Lily Pons and Elgar’s Nursery Suite with the composer conducting are classics of recorded music. His son, Edward and Grandson, Tony both became professional flautists.

















                                                                                                          The Walker Family

Left to right – Tony, Gordon, Edward




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