Rudall Carte & Company


About 1821 James McWhirter told George Rudall of a young flute maker in Edinburgh who had started his own business after serving an apprenticeship at Wood & Co., organ builders. His name was John Mitchell Rose (born c.1790).


Rudall travelled to Edinburgh to meet the man who had been so highly recommended and as a result the firm of Rudall & Rose, and what was to become a fifty year partnership, was set up at 11, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden. Shortly afterwards they moved to No.7 in the same street and in 1827 they were conducting business at 15, piazza, Covent Garden. Twenty years later (1847) they were at 38 Southampton Street.


Rudall continued to teach the flute long after he had entered into business and one of his pupils, Richard Carte(1808-1891) who took lessons from him in 1822-23 eventually became his business partner in 1850.


In 1852 business premises were at 100 New Bond Street and four years later (1856) the firm took over the military musical instrument factory of Key & Co. conducting business from both addresses until 1857 when they moved all operations to Key & Co.ís old buildings at 20, Charing Cross. At this time Rudall ceased to take an active part in the business and after the death of Rose the title of the firm was changed to Rudall Carte & Co.. Shortly after that, Richard Carte became sole proprietor and in 1878 the business moved to 23, Berners Street.



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††††††††††††† Richard Carte 1808-1891††††††††††††††††††††††† Henry W. Carte d.1926



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