Robert Murchie 1884-1949


Born at Greenock, Scotland, Murchie studied at the Royal College of Music, London and started playing on a Rockstro system flute before taking up an open G# Boehm system flute with thinned head.


He played principal flute for the Royal Philharmonic Society 1925-1932 and in the BBC Symphony Orchestra 1930-1938. He played in chamber music groups often and founded the London Wind Quintet. He was also a member of the London Flute Quartet along with Gordon Walker, Frank Almgill and Charles Stainer.


From 1946-1948 he was professor at Kneller Hall, Trinity College of Music and the Royal College of Music. His played with a large tone and his dexterity and accuracy were second to none.





                                                       The London Flute Quartet

                                                           Robert Murchie, Frank Almgill, Gordon Walker

                                                     Charles Stainer



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